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Ma'f***ing Beat-Biters - Vent!

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The Angry Hand of God

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I never have noble intentions for anything.

I was hoping the producer is a chick so I could blackmail her for sex. Ootz can offer me nothing.


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The pm is related to a thread he mad.

We all asked who the guy is. Why am I so special that I get pmed?

We all got the pm fam but we didn't post it here
So, everyone got a pm saying Ootz is a biter, yet no one thought it was a bitchmove to vilify Ootz in this way?

Yet it is a bitch move for me to put what he is saying in private out there?

f***ing gossip girls.

Only two people got the Private Message and that's the people who asked who the person is so they can be sure to watch out for future reference - the people I considered had noble intentions for knowing. I believed you to be one of those people.

There are people who wanted to know the name for beef's sake and I could see it - hence why I didn't post it on the forum.

Only two people got the Private Message.

starting this topic exposed the bitch in you spineless snitch exposing  niggas who have have industry credibility on the internet build your own shit first f***er.. talk about your self and your label nigga then niggas will respect you
Feeling satisfaction from the street croud reaction

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WTF ????? LOL @ this whole thread.

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