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Many years ago I dated this chick from what my mother would call "the wrong side of the tracks" (yes she is very judgmental)  specifically cos my boys and I had argued that serious hoodrats are always trouble and girls from there never got any idea how to act (though on the upside they are often shockingly nasty to make up for it).
I poo-pooed that notion (except for the nasty thing cos they is) and set out to find a diamond in the rough so I could lord it over them later.

Yes Stacey was nasty (in the best way possible) but she was sweet, she made me coffee and sandwiches and the head was MONSTROUS so I was the clear winner till the first time she got proper drunk in front of me at a party....

2 a**ault charges later (one of them on the cop who came to arrest her on the first one), a busted 84cm tv I had to pay for, 6 stiches behind my homey's (now) wife's ear (a**ault charge no1) and a knocked out tooth on another homey (he declined to press charges) I still get shit about it every now and then [11 YEARS LATER]..
but f*** that was the most eventful and (from my point of view at the edges of the fray) hilarious 2 hours of my teens.

SHIT! hahaha!

Been threatened by an unknown woman who clearly knew to. She told me to watch my back, telling me i play women and all that, threatening to stab me(not sure if i imagined this after thinging about the threatening phone  too much). I was puzzled because at that time I had problem getting a girlfriend, even though i had just come out a short relationship but a player I couldnt be, not at that time.

My ex girl friend, while i was dating her, told me this. She said when she is really upset because of someone, she plans murdering them. She imagine how she would do it, plans a detailed way on how she would do it and imagines it happening then after killing that person in her imagination, she gets over being upset with them.  :o  After dumping her, and the drama that was as a result of that I was scared of her for a long time. I kid you not i did fear for my life. shes one of the ex's i keep mentioning here who is a result of some of my current debt. i estimate waisting, around R40k in that four months i dated her.

I have had really crazy girlfriends and my boy really believe I will be killed by a woman one day.

all along i thought i had redefined drama... y'all dudes are onto some next level drama damn

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I wont lie I have been beaten up by a chick. I have also received threats from a chick that she knows people who can mess me up badly if I break her heart.

RR - I dont think I have spent more than 10k on all my women in at least over 5 yrs and I'm regarded as a giving guy.