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Obama hosts Africa's future leaders at white house


As a young person do you feel a responsibility to shape Africa's future success?

Yes, watch me
5 (100%)
No, I don't feel I have power to change anything
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That's what politicians are for
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Everyone has a plan for Africa. But Africa needs to have plans from Africans for Africa. ( Graca Machel at TEDxChange talk
Two months ago President Obeezy held a forum and hosted young African leaders for 2 days to coincide with the 50th Independence celebrations of several African  states. Yes no centinery independence parties just yet, most African countries only been independent not any longer our parentts or ourselves have been alive. Not a very long time.
(The points below have been right clicked,copy and pasted read full article here:

Objectives of the Young Leaders Forum

Learn from young African leaders in civil society and business how they are motivating youth, while highlighting for global audiences a new generation of Africans who will shape sub-Saharan Africa's next 50 years.

Emphasize the Administration's priority of mutual responsibility as the foundation of the U.S.-Africa partnership and reinforce the U.S. commitment to supporting African solutions to Africa's challenges.

Help build networks between young American and African leaders that will lead to lasting partnerships.

Africans Building Their Own Futures

The President's Forum with Young African Leaders presents the U.S. Government and American "friends of Africa" with an unprecedented opportunity to meet with a broad cross-section of Africa's next generation of leaders and learn more about their roles as motivators for transformational change and new growth in their societies.

Mutual Responsibility and Civic Engagement

The Forum's core messages will be:

Mutual responsibility and respect as the foundation of the relationship between and among African countries and between Africa and the United States.

Civic engagement as a catalyst for opportunity and building a better future.

My question really is, what do you see your role as being as a young person in Africa? Does Africa belong to you? What does Africa mean to you? Does globalisation taint or enhance that meaning?

the panic!

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most definitely checking to take responsibility.

planning to teach part time, next year, amongst other things i'm definitely doing.