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Where we have gone wrong

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Stilletto - Wonder Y (Music Video)

Here is the story. For many years, Zimbabweans have done very little but envy the South African music industry. Looking at quality acts like Teargas, Malaika, Freshly Ground etc not many can match that. Now that it's a game of playing catch up with other countries seeming to have gone beyond expectations and so forth, we are trying to go back to problem a**essment. It's without a doubt that the standard of music and quality of videos leave a lot to be desired for most artists. Need help from an objective crowd to ascertain whether we are now moving in the right direction. This is probably the best video done from within Zim by Zimbabweans in recent times.

How can we improve and get to a level where music can be a sustainable career as well as market ourselves regionally and internationally?

Feedback much appreciated!
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this is what ever u were doing guys best to keep it up.....i think it is the winning formula.

dope vid...or is it a hot chick....but yeah, i digs that ish!!
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