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End-January Update (MaliQ Edition)


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Good morning Patrons,

First off, its with great sadness that de ja vu had to strike again on my boi and business partner, Gadget boi, who's again back in hospital due to ill-health. Lets all wish him a speedy recovery.

Now, I aint gon' blab too much but bring you MaliQ's official track-listing for his forth-coming ALBUM: "A MIC & A DREAM". So here goes -

(For the Love of) The Game w/ Chyll
Bula w/ Flex Boogie [produced by TROMPIE]
Phakamisa w/ Black Moss [produced by TROMPIE]
Good Girls w/ Ras
Mamelodi w/ N’veigh
Track 06 [produced by TROMPIE]
Say The Word
I Rise (Flying Over) w/ Blak Lez, Flex Boogie
Game Over
Anything w/ Flex Boogie

Don't worry, Trompie's not demoted on doing 100% production on MaliQ's projects, he was just busy and MaliQ needed to release this!!! This album is set to drop on the interWEB hopefully by next week according to MaliQ, who gave me a copy to listen to last night!!!

Feel free to visit - YES, the MC platform site is back, since TROMPIE'S BLOG is considered the PRODUCER's turtorial... Ego's will be bruised, truth will prevail and so on and so on....

PS: Word has it that Illiterate Skillz just shot a vid for "BACK II THE STREETS" produced by Trompie... we'll wait for the final word!!!
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