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whats behind the other door?

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initially i produced this beat for "Sketches" an album im banging out with my homey SAGE, scheduled to drop round June/July under Audible Braile Entertainment....

but then i thought, nah, ive tossed SAGE nuff beats already, let me focus on producing for another album...ORIGINS is an album by myself (SAN) and my big homey THE JACKBOYZ (a producer from Spain)...the album will speak on a wide variety of subject matter ranging from the history of religious ideology, identity in a global community, politics, economics etc and will feature emcees from Africa & Spain...the general theme: "know your HISTORY"

altough this is not really a formal brief on the album, it should suffice in giving the interested a taste of what kind of material we banging out for it....


LOOK out for  8)

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Which Sage is this? Its not Anarki by any chance?
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