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Skee-Lo Wished He Was a Little Bit Taller. Then He Promptly Retired


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Who else ever wondered what happened to dude? i mean he made a cla**ic record and then was never heard of again... well i searched and stumbled across an article on the LA Times, it turns out the man got screwed by his label, got disillusioned and gave up music:

“I retired five months after it was released,” Skee-Lo says, drinking coffee at the Denny’s on Crenshaw and 37th, a few blocks from the home he shares with his wife and two children. “Not only did my label [Sunshine] take credit for producing ‘I Wish,’ they took all the profits. So I refused to shoot any more videos, promote or record music. I’m not their slave. I wasn’t working for free.”

Here is the link though...

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