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Kanye & Kim

A pimp named Sarkozy

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Arent they cute together? LOL ;D ;D ;D

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That not good enough for ya?


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Kanye might make Big Ghostfase's annual list of the softest rappers in the game if he keeps this up!

LOL at the latest list:  ;D ;D ;D

1. Wiz Khalifa-Rose aka the final frontier of simp-dom.... This bull dyke muthaf***a done sailed his little popsicle stick canoe over ey'single wave of simpness there is in the sucker-for-love sea nahmean. This fool is the biggest trick walkin the face of the earth rite now son. We already kno how this muthaf***a went into Kanye's garbage can n scraped together a meal n thought he came up on some gourmet shit namsayin. This muthaf***a went into Yeezy's trash n said "OH SHIT WHY NOBODY ATE THE REST OF THIS MEATBALL HOAGIE SON??...AYO IMMA REa**EMBLE THIS MUTHAf***A N PUT THAT SHIT UP ON A PEDESTAL B.

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