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Thanks for the input Oints and MsSupa. We live and we learn. Time is money.

The Holstar is excused from not making the project. Have you people heard his album!? Too DOPE!

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halla front AG fam, its been a month a nyikka been away....

anyhu, I got a few questions for this project as it seems fate has brought me to chex on AG and find some work on the line up.

1. can an artist submit a track they did and have not found use for it anywhere else? if yes, is there a criteria for artists who submit content, e.g: do they have to be members of the AGFAM(forum).
2. so no one should expect any royalty fees or anything like money value from this project right?

a few young goons who haven't even checked this site even after numerous counts of me tellin em about it, have shown interest on the beats that were posted originally on this thread, can they do em and submit??

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Can I represent?
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