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good kid m.A.A.d. city

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So what's the word? I am really digging this album. The beats are really dope and dude's ability to tell a story is really something. It's like an audio book made up of a banging soundtrack.

And who has never thought of saying "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe"?

1. "Sherane a.k.a Master Splinterís Daughter"
2. "Bitch, Donít Kill My Vibe"
3. "Backseat Freestyle"
4. "The Art of Peer Pressure"
5. "Money Trees" (featuring Jay Rock)
6. "Poetic Justice" (featuring Drake)
7. "good kid"
8. "m.A.A.d city" (featuring MC Eiht)
9. "Swimming Pools (Drank)" (Extended Version)
10. "Sing About Me, Iím Dying of Thirst"
11. "Real" (featuring Anna Wise)
12. "Compton" (featuring Dr. Dre)

Bonus Tracks
13. "The Recipe" (featuring Dr. Dre)
14. "Black Boy Fly"
15. "Now or Never" (featuring Mary J. Blige)
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This album has been making waves on the internet with positive reviews emerging from all sides except for Shyne who recently called it trash. I like track 2 better. Kendrik turned a simple idea and revived a portion of true rap and gave those disgruntled rap fans a reason to hit the music stores again. I like his features also, he avoided all that ordinary route of inviting every all star in order to add flavour to debut album and kept things simple with a less popular crew except for dre and drake.


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So Kendrick's album leaks, Sean P's M.i.C. Tyson too and then Lil Wayne suffers seizure all in one week! Is this the return of real hiphop or what??

I got it but havent heard this joint ye. Kid brought back MC Eiht! Just missing Daz and Kurupt now.

Lol at Shyne. When last did he do something that was not trash? Hope we dont get unnecessary beef from this.

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This album is sooo Average there are songs where Kendrik doesnt even rhyme, i like how it sounds like Atlien tho, but its not my cup of tea tho
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