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My Mixtape

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Here's the link to my "Majestic" Mixtape below. It features the brand new track "Majestic" and sum new skits to complete the concept. This is a concept mixtape telling the tale of a Hustler and its inspired by the character "Caz" from the movie "Brooklyn's Finest". The old tracks on it have been remixed for better quality and I suggest you download everything and listen from start to finish so u can get the full picture coz the Mixtape is designed to be thematic so u need to watch all the scenes in the movie to get it. Its audio cinema.

I finish off the mixtape with a clip from "Sarafina" just to remind us of the struggle and where we've come from.

Majestic Mixtape Tracklist

1. Intro-Hustler's Ambition (Contains an excerpt from "Brooklyn's Finest")
2. Ride out-St Nyoka Stylin'
3. Easy to love ft Buli
4. Will I fry ft S.Gatsi
5. Yin Yang
6. Interlude-Closing the deal
7. Riva
8. Majestic
9. Legacy
10. Outro-Pandemonium (Contains an excerpt from "Sarafina")

Pliz enjoy and support the "Trained to Reign" album dropping first quarter of 2013.
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