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MPC 500


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Peace to all the AG familia!

I'm new to AG and I've been cooking beats for a couple of years just trying to master the craft; started off on Fruity(who didn't right?) then I switched to Reason because at the time some of my niggas were using it and because I was sampling it was a natual progression, then afer some serious thought I decided that hardware would be my next step towards professionalism.

Then started the epic internal battle MPC or Maschine, I just heard of the SP 555. Anyway I decided to cop an entry level MPC...the 500, couple of issues here, memory, I've been looking for a replacement CF Card for Months! Then I have to update the RAM and the MP uses an outmoded SODIMM RAM according to the IT guys I've asked, I'm desperate here; because I know the full capability of my MPC but I can't exploit it; does anyone know where I can get non officiall RAM and CF cards that won't crash and burn my precious.

Hey I don't regret getting a 500 though, I can cook beats at work and on the fly, I can even slot batteries in there. Any ideas?


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find one of them old toshiba, dell, ibm, acer, hp etc laptops/notebooks.. they should have 128 - 256 Mb SODimm RAM cards.. just ripe for the MPC .5 and 1K drum maschines.. did this to the 1K with JJ OS back in the cut and its a huge difference