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i have listened to the cocacola colabos cd and hip hop is duly represented and i think that if more cats worked together with other genres for the sake of show casing the variety of styles in SA it could work.Great concept and big up to all involved! :-D
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you sayin´ you wanna collab?
if you do go to
and hit the lyrics/story on the YUP! Beat for details It´s gonna be a big collab
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Hey machiavella

No doubt, I heard that the Coca Cola collabo´s album is pretty tight.I know someone who was involved behind the scenes in organizing the whole thing so its all good.Seems Coca Cola is bent on getting into the lucrative music I´ve heard and its the first little step with the whole collabo´s album.

But also, valid point regarding the cross collabo´ing being more regular in this music game in SA.Each party involved would benefit somehow and take away something valuable, whether it be new fans, more exposure or just simply pure enjoyment of spreading good music.

SO ya, I think its tight.

Btw, CLC how´s the collabo thing going?Hope u get that off the ground.Just keep grinding cuz.If u will it, it will happen.

Much luv peeps.Keep it tight.
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