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July 16 caucus (transcript)


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I should have posted this long ago, but had things to do!  
here is the transcript... for those who are interested, couldn´t make the meeting, forgot again!


16.07. 15:59:58 hiphopheadsista> hey hypo.
16.07. 16:00:04 eef_haf> JHB is in the building
16.07. 16:00:16 eef_haf> *sirens*
16.07. 16:00:27 MentalGymnast> Woop woop
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16.07. 16:01:59 MentalGymnast>  what up all!
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16.07. 16:02:22 blakrok> sup!
16.07. 16:02:35 hiphopheadsista> ayt ayt.
16.07. 16:02:41 Sensai_Tate> Hiphocalypse up in herrrre!
16.07. 16:03:05 Sensai_Tate> Whats on the agenda?
16.07. 16:03:26 MentalGymnast> we wait for the stampede!
16.07. 16:03:41 Sensai_Tate> or are we waiting for some "black" people?
16.07. 16:03:54 MentalGymnast> Africanz!!
16.07. 16:04:05 hiphopheadsista> wat does sellin out mean/who is the illest/ who are you buying/production status
16.07. 16:05:09 eef_haf> IŽd like to hear your views about improving our DISTRIBUTION.
16.07. 16:05:16 MentalGymnast> ummn?
16.07. 16:05:44 hiphopheadsista> wish i cud stay but i gotta go.
16.07. 16:05:56 eef_haf> Agenda: 1-Distribution, 2-?, 3-?
16.07. 16:06:25 MentalGymnast> I can´t type fast enough to keep up with your questions1
16.07. 16:06:37 eef_haf> I think we will work faster this way. i also have to bounce soon...
16.07. 16:06:44 Sensai_Tate> 2. Marketing
16.07. 16:07:13 eef_haf> cool
16.07. 16:07:19 eef_haf> 3rd and so on?
16.07. 16:07:46 MentalGymnast> ok well. the others are just expanding on the distribution
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16.07. 16:08:10 MentalGymnast> see Nthato planned to have a meeting in capetown
16.07. 16:08:29 MentalGymnast> to create a "body" to run the whole distribution network
16.07. 16:08:56 MentalGymnast> and to come up eith a solution to the distribution problem in Loacl hip Hop
16.07. 16:09:16 MentalGymnast> The ideas so far are
16.07. 16:10:19 MentalGymnast> 1-a network of people who get sent the naterials and push it. I´m not sure of the practical implimentation but everyone who wants to be pushed pushes some elses stuff
16.07. 16:12:09 MentalGymnast> 2- mail order. this is already used by certain groups but although it works it is not too practical for the average head because it requires bank deposits and ish and most people aren´t willing to go to the trouble for something
16.07. 16:12:29 MentalGymnast> that they have hardly heard (this is where Marketing comes in)
16.07. 16:14:33 MentalGymnast> this was supposed to be a session where people through around ideas which will be further developed at the meeting
16.07. 16:14:35 eef_haf> I like the Mail Order idea
16.07. 16:15:00 MentalGymnast> and to "elect" people to run the whole thing (i´m not too sure about this though)
16.07. 16:15:28 eef_haf> Just wonder how safe is it? I am usually pessimistic about SA Post.
16.07. 16:16:36 MentalGymnast> well it seems to be working for some peeps already, I think its sent with registered mail or something
16.07. 16:17:15 MentalGymnast> but it also adds alot to the cost, something like R20 to R30 more
16.07. 16:18:13 eef_haf> I see
16.07. 16:18:44 MentalGymnast> which discourages heads from buying. and most people have the same view of SA post and how many people are familiar with the Postal system? I don´t think I´ve ever received anything in the mail
16.07. 16:18:54 eef_haf> Those additional costs are not healthy.
16.07. 16:19:51 MentalGymnast> yeah another 20 bones pushes the price up to about R70 which is the price of something an a store
16.07. 16:20:15 MentalGymnast> and most people think that if its pushed on the street its not as good as something in teh store
16.07. 16:20:57 MentalGymnast> but I do think the mail order route could work if done properly
16.07. 16:21:33 MentalGymnast> like in a magazine or something
16.07. 16:21:53 eef_haf> Ok, the best idea is to have contacts all around the country.
16.07. 16:23:00 MentalGymnast> I was thinking like if a magazine or website reviews Cd´s it also has like a catalog of stuff at the back,(it also gives the Cd´s some credibility)
16.07. 16:23:04 eef_haf> We already have enough cats from CT, JHB and PE.
16.07. 16:23:29 MentalGymnast> yeah, the contacts around the country Idea seems the most viable
16.07. 16:23:34 eef_haf> which Magazine?
16.07. 16:24:03 MentalGymnast> Levitation? Hype? There´s a new one coming out in december
16.07. 16:24:21 MentalGymnast> all Hip Hop magazines (which one would say no?)
16.07. 16:24:27 eef_haf> I see
16.07. 16:24:40 MentalGymnast> and then things like teen zone
16.07. 16:25:02 MentalGymnast> anything and everything that gets read by people who might listen to Hip hop
16.07. 16:25:02 eef_haf> Yeah ofcourse, we should push for more representation in the media.
16.07. 16:25:56 eef_haf> Another thing that worries me is that there are many heads we all not considering, ie cats without internet connections...
16.07. 16:26:12 MentalGymnast> exactly and if we approach them with a serious business plan and a community responsibilty ticket (hi hop mags) they should agree
16.07. 16:26:38 MentalGymnast> well what are thinking of?
16.07. 16:27:31 eef_haf> I mean we have to use all that we have.
16.07. 16:28:55 MentalGymnast> yeah ofcourse. community radio stations should come on board (once we have a plan) Hiphocalypse, tha Cypha, HeadWarmers
16.07. 16:29:58 MentalGymnast> the problem with the network of contacts is how safe is it?
16.07. 16:30:20 MentalGymnast> I mean how do you guarantee you get your cash?
16.07. 16:30:44 MentalGymnast> it costs money to record\press CDs
16.07. 16:31:32 MentalGymnast> and if you send a couple to someone in CPT and they keep the money what can you do? get a posse and drive down?
16.07. 16:31:56 eef_haf> nah, it wont work that way
16.07. 16:32:19 MentalGymnast> there too many loopholes
16.07. 16:33:20 eef_haf> I hate involving outside forces but this will have to be contrectual if large sums of money are going to be involved.
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16.07. 16:34:14 MentalGymnast> Exactly! this is the underground, whos going to get the lawyer?
16.07. 16:35:19 Sensai_Tate> lawyers?
16.07. 16:35:19 FT> Apologies, didn´t realize isikhathi sidliwe yi-pitbull...
16.07. 16:35:34 MentalGymnast> for the contract
16.07. 16:35:42 Sensai_Tate> english please
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16.07. 16:38:02 MentalGymnast> thats why the idea of a group of people to run the whole shabang came up
16.07. 16:38:32 MentalGymnast> to ensure the whole money thing is monitored or something
16.07. 16:38:34 eef_haf> I think there is a market out there and who ever hustles will get his due.
16.07. 16:39:15 eef_haf> The group thing is dope but it needs a lot of organization.
16.07. 16:39:26 MentalGymnast> yeah, but we want the actual heads to get there due not some multi-national money-laundering corporation
16.07. 16:39:45 eef_haf> true
16.07. 16:40:13 MentalGymnast> and its difficult to organise soemthign concrete online, that why there is a need for a meeting
16.07. 16:40:32 FT> The money issue does it mean dat when push comes to shove we gonna have to dig into our own pockets? Dat is if we don´t get any help...
16.07. 16:40:51 eef_haf> yep, sorry I wont be able to make it to the meeting.
16.07. 16:41:14 MentalGymnast> fah fee why not?
16.07. 16:41:26 eef_haf> yes, cats have to dig into them pockets.
16.07. 16:41:38 MentalGymnast> well someones going to have fork out for some things somewhere along the line
16.07. 16:41:44 eef_haf> oh, IŽm not in SA right now
16.07. 16:41:53 MentalGymnast> ooh
16.07. 16:41:56 FT> The meeting, with all the distance btweenb us how are we gong to pull it off?
16.07. 16:42:02 eef_haf> maybe around DEC
16.07. 16:42:02 Sensai_Tate> Me & Rob One gotta go but if anything comes of this please email/post something on the site
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16.07. 16:42:13 MentalGymnast> No doubt
16.07. 16:42:14 Sensai_Tate> Oh & dont forget to log onto the hiphocalypse website!
16.07. 16:42:20 eef_haf> 1
16.07. 16:42:25 MentalGymnast> No adverts!!
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16.07. 16:42:44 FT> So were are U based? eef
16.07. 16:43:21 MentalGymnast> well it was thought that since the Indaba is supposed to be a meeting heads from all over SA\Africa
16.07. 16:43:37 eef_haf> no FREE adverts. We can make money off them...
16.07. 16:43:57 MentalGymnast> the meeting would be there but I don´t think it draws people from all over the country
16.07. 16:44:19 MentalGymnast> True Dat, R200 a word1
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16.07. 16:45:24 FT> I thought dat evrybody would be here
16.07. 16:45:42 guest164512> same.
16.07. 16:45:51 MentalGymnast> its the second time
16.07. 16:45:54 eef_haf> Do you know I can find out about pressing costs and so on?
16.07. 16:46:30 guest164512> a whole lotta peops have logged out. this iz blakrok, by tha way.
16.07. 16:46:47 MentalGymnast> will give you places that do that
16.07. 16:47:03 MentalGymnast> what are you busy with?
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16.07. 16:47:42 eef_haf> I rember thabs told me it cost around 10000 rand to hook up error era. I dont remember how many copies...
16.07. 16:48:04 MentalGymnast> you from Lesotho?
16.07. 16:48:30 eraze> has this thing started.........?
16.07. 16:48:42 eef_haf> me? nah
16.07. 16:49:07 guest164512> looks like it>>eraze
16.07. 16:49:07 eef_haf> from Jozi but I am in Germany right now.
16.07. 16:49:13 FT> Here´s an idea, why don´t we try to hook up at least a comp between us and take it from there?
16.07. 16:49:24 MentalGymnast> I thought you were someone I knew.
16.07. 16:50:06 MentalGymnast> what like an Africas Gateway thing? or just a couple of peeps?
16.07. 16:50:42 MentalGymnast> eraze its been going on for a while but the wasn´t a large turnout.
16.07. 16:50:54 eraze> @#$$%&%^&
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16.07. 16:51:04 MentalGymnast> I´ll post the transcript when its all over
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16.07. 16:51:13 eraze> so wa** been sed
16.07. 16:51:19 FT> Us as in every1 who´s into this movement"...
16.07. 16:51:21 MentalGymnast> then you can see what we discussed
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16.07. 16:52:15 MentalGymnast> but we dicussed two distribution methods
16.07. 16:53:01 MentalGymnast> mail order and a network of heads pushing other people in the networks stuff and getting tehre stuff pushed the same way
16.07. 16:53:06 eraze> and ...what r they?
16.07. 16:53:44 MentalGymnast> hah type faster young paddawan
16.07. 16:53:48 eraze> that cud werk, what about that
16.07. 16:54:20 MentalGymnast> yeah I hope their store comes to life
16.07. 16:54:41 FT> Dat´s cool, but U see with a comp every1 involved in it will be obligated push it hard enough!
16.07. 16:54:42 MentalGymnast> because they seem interested in progressing the scene
16.07. 16:54:53 blakrok> true
16.07. 16:55:43 MentalGymnast> and it can be a big feature in distributing African Hip hop all over the continent
16.07. 16:55:47 eef_haf> thanks for the mio link!
16.07. 16:56:10 MentalGymnast> because most of the current ideas are focussed mainly on SA
16.07. 16:56:10 eef_haf> yes, eventually but we need to start small
16.07. 16:56:34 eraze> since dis is a discussion thingy, what u guys think of solo joints...i think peeps shud press mo on mix tapes...
16.07. 16:56:38 MentalGymnast> of course but we need to keep our eye on the prize
16.07. 16:57:39 eef_haf> sorry I didnt get that? solo albums on mixtapes?
16.07. 16:57:41 MentalGymnast> mixtapes are important now because not too many local hi hop joints are sold and bought and mixtapes give the entire scene more exposure than a solo joint
16.07. 16:58:51 MentalGymnast> and people who really like a specific person (and would buy the solo joint) get to find out more about a scene and still listen to their "idol"
16.07. 16:59:14 FT> Ja ai agree as undaground catz for us to get a broader xposure Mixtapes would be a good idea
16.07. 16:59:38 eraze> yeah so i think peeps shud put alot of energy in mixtapes, get peeps hooked on jip hop then from then expand into solo albums...but for now dropping a 15 track album is a waste of rhymes & time
16.07. 17:00:14 eef_haf> I dont see it as a "waste".
16.07. 17:00:14 FT> Not to mention loot
16.07. 17:00:37 MentalGymnast> and more people involved more people to push (FT)
16.07. 17:01:01 eraze> it is, man trying diverse on a n album and only reaching two peeps, is wack
16.07. 17:01:13 blakrok> clean.
16.07. 17:01:31 eef_haf> I think its a sign of maturity for our scene when cats put out solid solos
16.07. 17:01:37 eraze> trying to be diverse it mean
16.07. 17:02:13 MentalGymnast> how many do though?
16.07. 17:02:34 blakrok> but we haven´t reached that level yet, eef haf. we still gotta reach a whole lotta people for tha scene to get to that stage.
16.07. 17:03:02 blakrok> an tha best way (for now) iz tha mixtape concept.
16.07. 17:03:08 eef_haf> Another issue is how many people are making MIXtapes instead of compilations.
16.07. 17:03:08 eraze> and how many feel the sh*t is appreciated...Yo, radio stations....that the only way u can get ma** xposure,
16.07. 17:03:44 eraze> wa** the diff
16.07. 17:04:02 MentalGymnast> Mixtapes have become the name for compilations, it just sounds cooler
16.07. 17:04:31 eraze> apart from kwality...
16.07. 17:04:50 FT> There´s a lotta cats who dropped solos, I´ve been thinking dat way as well... But if a Mixtapes comes up I´ll be up for it
16.07. 17:05:37 eef_haf> Mixtapes to me is like having a DJ run things and the songs being actually mixed. Maybe I am getting too technical but it opens a can of worms on the local vinyl issue.
16.07. 17:06:07 eraze> yo what happened, to the AG mixtape
16.07. 17:06:31 eef_haf> they didnt have enough funds
16.07. 17:06:31 FT> Guys I´m sorry i gotta leave... something came up!
16.07. 17:06:37 eef_haf> 1
16.07. 17:06:47 MentalGymnast> peace
16.07. 17:07:17 MentalGymnast> you are right but we all kno vinyl doesn´t exist in SA
16.07. 17:07:25 eraze> l8r
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16.07. 17:07:37 FT> Aaight then... hope something comes outta this... peace
16.07. 17:07:43 eraze> yo u dont need alot of funds to record one...
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16.07. 17:09:45 eef_haf> and that is the reason our top djs dont local hiphop
16.07. 17:09:51 blakrok> missed tha mixtape thang  someone recap?
16.07. 17:10:26 MentalGymnast> mmm what is a mixtape, mixtape vs solo album
16.07. 17:11:44 blakrok> thanx, mixtape. mos def.
16.07. 17:11:54 MentalGymnast> yes, but it is out of our hands, there is no vinyl pressing plant in SA, the closest is in Zimbabwe and we are not wealthy enough to press vinyl
16.07. 17:12:09 MentalGymnast> CD-r is R5
16.07. 17:12:20 MentalGymnast> how much is vinyl?
16.07. 17:12:26 eef_haf> aight, if the people want mixtapes then we will give them mixtapes  
16.07. 17:12:43 MentalGymnast> vinyl is 5 tracks-Cd-R up to 18
16.07. 17:13:02 eef_haf> Zimbabwe is too expensive for SA?
16.07. 17:13:07 MentalGymnast> the people want kwaito
16.07. 17:13:08 eraze> i want 1
16.07. 17:13:20 MentalGymnast> shipping
16.07. 17:13:39 eef_haf> the people are getting tired of kwaito...
16.07. 17:13:51 blakrok> most likely cuz they ain´t been exposed to much hip-hop
16.07. 17:13:57 eraze> yo, we need to stop that kwaito crap
16.07. 17:14:01 MentalGymnast> and heads are lazy\ don´t see the point, how many (young) people have turntables?
16.07. 17:14:31 MentalGymnast> we have to make them wan´t Hip Hop
16.07. 17:15:04 blakrok> how?
16.07. 17:15:17 MentalGymnast> if the people dont know hip hop how can they want it?
16.07. 17:15:44 MentalGymnast> the only hip hop people see is bling bling amerikkkana
16.07. 17:16:27 blakrok> okay, so tha aim iz to educate.
16.07. 17:16:33 MentalGymnast> we need to give local hip hop more of a presence.
16.07. 17:16:40 MentalGymnast> push push push
16.07. 17:17:09 eef_haf> I dont think we have to force it down peopleŽs mouth.
16.07. 17:17:47 MentalGymnast> but if everything else is forced down there mouths how do you give them good music? wait for the others to stop forcing?
16.07. 17:18:15 eef_haf> but we have to let them know we are here and aint going nowhere
16.07. 17:18:26 MentalGymnast> nobodies going to give us a chance we need make ourselves felt.
16.07. 17:18:27 blakrok> then we´ll wait forever.
16.07. 17:19:02 eraze> the biggest prob is peeps just proper plans...we need idea as well...
16.07. 17:19:20 eef_haf> Okay it seems like we can only get vinyl pressed from international contacts
16.07. 17:19:45 MentalGymnast> but Local hip hop needs go somewhere. or it´ll end up like all the other scenes around the world. cheap copies of american trends. tell me of a scene that has influenced american hip hop?
16.07. 17:20:08 MentalGymnast> america dictates the world follows
16.07. 17:21:28 MentalGymnast> we need plans
16.07. 17:21:29 eef_haf> and moving...
16.07. 17:22:10 eef_haf> We have: Emcees.
16.07. 17:22:22 eef_haf> We have: Producers/beats.
16.07. 17:22:52 eef_haf> We have: (a small but untapped) Market.
16.07. 17:23:10 eraze> alot of emcees,
16.07. 17:23:22 eef_haf> We have: Studios.
16.07. 17:24:14 MentalGymnast> we need: plans!
16.07. 17:24:22 eef_haf> We need managers/ people who also look into the business side of things.
16.07. 17:24:31 MentalGymnast> ideas
16.07. 17:24:34 eef_haf> yes we need plans
16.07. 17:25:33 eef_haf> Like FT said a mixtape might be a good idea to try this theory of a hiphop distribution NETWORK.
16.07. 17:25:55 MentalGymnast> Yes!
16.07. 17:26:13 MentalGymnast> an experiment,how would it work?
16.07. 17:26:15 eef_haf> Its very risky but it goes like this:
16.07. 17:26:51 eef_haf> a)Everybody submits some work for the mixtape.
16.07. 17:27:26 eef_haf> b) Everybody has to fork out some amount of CASH for the projects budget
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16.07. 17:29:02 eef_haf> c) evryone gets some amount of Pressed records that they have to sell to cover cost and hopefully make lots of profit
16.07. 17:29:25 xpose> word up erbody
16.07. 17:29:31 eef_haf> word
16.07. 17:29:39 MentalGymnast> ok but there needs to be some organisation. people need to elect a project manager type, a person to control the cash
16.07. 17:29:43 eraze> we shud all record...then every one shud get a copy, and press cd-r´s and push em in they areas
16.07. 17:29:46 MentalGymnast> word
16.07. 17:29:50 blakrok> yeah..?
16.07. 17:30:13 eef_haf> yes its all very complex but it is very possible to pull off
16.07. 17:30:25 eef_haf> what do you think?
16.07. 17:31:02 MentalGymnast> Yes
16.07. 17:31:07 xpose> u wanna give me a record deal
16.07. 17:31:23 MentalGymnast> eraze i think it should be done proper
16.07. 17:31:32 MentalGymnast> with a nice cover
16.07. 17:31:53 MentalGymnast> just to test our organisation abilities
16.07. 17:31:54 xpose> am talking about music
16.07. 17:32:31 MentalGymnast> so what positions would we need to fill?
16.07. 17:32:41 MentalGymnast> a project manager
16.07. 17:33:07 MentalGymnast> a producer (should be the project manager aswell)
16.07. 17:33:17 eraze> yo peeps me got do like hoodin....laters ya´ll shud post the outcome of this here meeting in the forums,
16.07. 17:33:29 MentalGymnast> yeah
16.07. 17:33:42 eef_haf> fah contributor of beats
16.07. 17:34:14 eef_haf> gotta bounce too
16.07. 17:34:32 eef_haf> peace, post the transcript
16.07. 17:34:32 eef_haf> 1
16.07. 17:34:33 MentalGymnast> aight peace, am I alone?
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16.07. 17:34:44 *empty*> peace.
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16.07. 17:35:32 blakrok> nah
16.07. 17:35:49 MentalGymnast> ok cool, you down with the idea?
16.07. 17:36:13 blakrok> fo sho´ mfana.
16.07. 17:36:25 blakrok> anythang else ya wanna get off your chest?  
16.07. 17:37:12 MentalGymnast> Yeah, get you copy of the Midtapes Vol1 - the hottest Midrand Hip Hop, only R30 dropping soon
16.07. 17:39:00 blakrok> while we´re on tha mixtapes thang. what do ya think bout tha current mixtape situation emzansi? i mean do ya reckon we can improve on it?
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16.07. 17:39:28 MentalGymnast> yeah, I think its only begining to blow up
16.07. 17:40:42 blakrok> what do you do?emceein, beatmaker...?
16.07. 17:40:49 MentalGymnast> I think it´ll grow a little bit more but will eventually die because Hip Hop will become profitable and everyone will be pushing in stores
16.07. 17:41:06 MentalGymnast> beatmaker\Dj(one day!)\writer
16.07. 17:41:18 MentalGymnast> you?
16.07. 17:41:30 blakrok> emcee.
16.07. 17:41:48 MentalGymnast> cool busy with anything?
16.07. 17:41:54 blakrok> ain´t that a bit pessimistic though. to say it´s gon die?
16.07. 17:42:47 blakrok> i mean right now, i´m all pissed bout its exploitation, but i tend to think that over time, all em free-riders iz gon get weeded out.
16.07. 17:43:24 blakrok> an we´ll still have a few gems left. or am i too engrossed in em fairytales?
16.07. 17:43:35 MentalGymnast> well not die but it wont be as popular because now everyones energy is going into the mixtape because you can´t make piles of cash so we settle for the next best thing fame\exposure but over time hip hop is going to be so popular that people
16.07. 17:44:04 MentalGymnast> will be making milions and so all the energy will go into making CD´s for comercial release


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shit i always miss this...when and what time is the next one?
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Hip Hop activism at its rawest, mo fire gentlemen, u shed alot of light to shit which i didnt even think of when i approached the mixtape idea. i still have time tho to fix this shit.

We must have more discussions on this shit.It could improve the scene from a different angle and take hip hop back from the corporates.I dont like the idea that as a rapper in S.A. the only way u can get succesful is if ur number is picked, f*** that!



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Well...on the scheme of things ev´body seems to be down, so when´s the nex cyber-imbizo?
....and evri1 should be there this time...

:-o FIYASKO! :-o


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    • TNGlive
Yeah Mg, let us when the next one is. Same as last time just keep the thread alive at the top.
On the vinyl mixtape thing, some djs are investing in those Pioneers that let u spin cds like vinyls anyway. It´s rather comliacted tryna talk about vinyl pressing casue it´s costs that are difficult to make back (why: Djs want the vinyls for free since this is all about punpming something new. 2. Which consumer buys vinyl for their personal use).
The NETWork idea is cool but you need somebody/some people  regulating as you´ve already pointed out.
An AG compilation would be ideal to test the ideas peeps have already discussed.


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Hey T... while you´re here - help me get the message out there, man, that my name is being spelt wrong all over the continent, bra. :-[

The Name´s Mandrakz with a K - Z... not an X.  Similar to the drug but no cigar as such. The result is a physiological reaction reminiscent of the particular narcotic trip in question, yet there is no ingestion, inhalation or injection of said substance. :-)

It´s a seemingly inane point - what with people dying in Darfur and the Matthews´ now minus one daughter - but it is one which will put my mind at ease if it is rectified.

On a lighter note, thanx for the boundless vote of confidence - I´m working out in the School of Hip Hop´s gymnasium... there´s obviously a handful of peeps out there expecting me to bring the fitness in the new season. :-]

Holler... (Drugglawd)  
ne Good Thing about Music...
... when it Hits you, you feel No Pain...


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When is this happening again, I want to take part.


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sup peoplez,       if you lot hav mics  then get this" target="_blank" target="_new">