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2005 is going to be BIG!!


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a new year is approaching.

i´m going to be living more drugs!

1.SpaceVein instrumental album which is finished

2.Horse fat clothing on sexy girls backs and kool dudes..dope shirts and incredible trucker caps by none other than KING FAET.

3.Spacevein and Afronaught instrumental breakbeat album.."The Sandton Whore Mongers."

4. My newsletter/ street memoirs will be on wide scale distribution! the abruptly entitled "Slump Literature"

5. too many bitches will be on my sleeves!!

i know no one really cares since i´m not down with Rage or sucking simunye presenter dick and hanging out in Mellville...but anyhow, best beware when i say i´m going to be all up in your personal space.(no pun intended..okay,it was intended!)

Straight up independent media control....who needs metro fm and a dick bitch!!!!!!!



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all the best with your plans and stuff... the media industry in jozi is so incestuous its not funny! you don´t wanna shit in your own backyard, don´t  diss anyone on a public forum like  this,especially, if you want a slice of the devil´s pie... just thought i´d say...

Keep at it ....and once again all the best

one luv.

If you are irritated by every rub,how will you be polished?" Rumi


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no man is an island....holla at me

Trapped In The 90ies Nigga.


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the Media industry in SA is wack if u are serious wit ur plans good luck hopefully u´ll thinking of studying something else next year since Journalism is kak maybe Film or Politics something wit drama, lies and a big pay check at the end of the month.....sorry for bitching about my studies

would luv to read Slump literature...peace
 am hell behold!

Blac Satyr

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we´ll jus c ´about it...">
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let them have it space... they aren´t ready for you. big ups!! :-]
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yeah man good luck 4 tha fewture.
also looking to realease my album on that year titled SOCIETY.
hope your shit works out
P.S has anyone mixed RUM with WHISKY and BEER  and heared voices in thier heards coz Im.    also do not put the space spinach into tha mix..
it makes the real
virtual... and the virtual real................

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