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Where the hell is Molybdenum?
Where are all these people at?
What happened to the good ol´ days
on Africas Gateway, the Entertaining DayZ!!

unhappy ex-africas gateway member
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eh joe where u bin dont u know that thornz was an illegal immigrant he got taken bak to angol..and molybdenum died of an aids related disease ...peace dawg...spacevein got noked ova by a bus.. :-(  :-(  :-Y  :-[
quot;lyrically lost my virginity"


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U Lie! I saw moly da oda day so i dnt know bout
da aids part!
Spacevein was the heart of AfricasGateway!
Ya´ll are boring, all you eva talk about is HIP HOP!
And everybody always has their own personal conversations!
Wat about Britney, i mean she just got married, does that mean
anything to you at all! She is a HipHopDIVA!And lets not 4get my girl
Christina A and J 2 da L.O!!!!HEY!!
C´mon guys....


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you sound familiar. wsup?
spacevein is currently ´takin the dog for a walk´ if you know what i mean. jerkin the love gizmo. nyah.
dunno abt thornz and moly.

finish and klar
over and out
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