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Dumbed Down youth


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This may not be new to some of you. there are a lot of people who already know what Wise Intelligent is talkng about here but watch this anyway.

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Dope !!!!!
"Generation X, really take it to the Max, everybody's so smart,cos we google all the facts" - Neon

K'niep Tang

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DAMN!!! I'ma search more on this - dude has things to say!
I'm like a bunch of dynamite sticks - i'm bound to blow


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maybe if i heard more, i'd get it!

Todays "youth are dumb" becuase the previous generations did ALL the work for them and what they are
doing is reaping the "rewards!"

they grew up in a time of peace, and in times of peace why would one be concerned about learning about revolutionaries, black determination??


kids will rather learn to use the latest technonlogies as opposed to reading up on History..why should'nt they?

I believe in generational gaps and leaving the detched! we can't expect things to be for the youth as they were us and to make "fight" when they generation is not a "figthing" generation is presumptious and disrespectful, the youth know they problems and how to deal with them

Trapped In The 90ies Nigga.