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Drug mule dies of overdose


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Drug mule dies of overdose
Posted Thu, 28 Apr 2005

A 24-year-old Mozambican woman died of a cocaine overdose after a bag containing the drug burst in her stomach on a flight from Brazil, police said on Thursday.

Superintendent Eugene Opperman said Teresa Martins lost consciousness on a flight from Sao Paulo in Brazil on Saturday morning.

On landing at Johannesburg International Airport, she was rushed to the Arwyp Clinic in Kempton Park, where she died on Tuesday.

"X-rays showed that her stomach contained several foreign objects which the South African Police Service commonly refer to as 'bullets' containing cocaine," Opperman said.

The bullets are usually condoms filled with cocaine, which are swallowed by drug smugglers.

An autopsy will be conducted on Thursday.

damn! 8O
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