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T.O. 81 - Boy done f***ED UP!!

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the philly eagles have released the Micheal Jordan of football - Terell Owens has been told that he will no longer be part of the Philadelphia Eagles as their wide receiver. I was like  WHAT THE f***?!?! this is apperently for accumulating indiscretions on the part of T.O. and he had received warnings from team management.

are there any football fans out there? look as far as i see T.O. made McNabb (quarterback) look good. McNabb for me is like a second string qb who couldn't find 10 receivers on an open range. but yeah, T.O. was dismissed Monday even though he had promised to apologize on Saturday. now the dude is facing an entire season without play or pay - imagine the money he would have raked in during the post season. play-offs are huge pay-offs, the endorsement deals, i don't think that nicolette sheridan would even consider getting naked with him again like she did in the superbowl commercial where she rocks up into the eagles change room in just a towel on.

while on the topic of football - the Colts beat the Patriots. finally peyton manning can sleep at night after an encounter with new england. i  personally don't think he should be the highest paid football player in the nfl - what has he done? for four encounters with the patriots the colts have been destroyed and only when the patriots are hit with the worst injury crisis in recent times can manning and the colts claim victory - can't wait to see  a fully fit and vengeful new england outfit gunning for the colts during the post season. manning is gonna wish that he had the st. louis and ravens offence with the defence of the cowboys and packers of the late 90's to help him from being sacked by the patriots.