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Save Tookie


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The US judicial System done shitted on another black man.
This time its Stanley "Tookie" Williams co-founder of the infamous Crips (yes the same one Snoop always sings about).

He is scheduled for execution on Dec 13th for crimes he apparently did not commit according to the evidence presented by the state.

Go to & sign the petition for Governor Terminator I men Schwarzenegger to grant him clemency (save him from being executed).
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@ guru tate: i don't think he (tookie) is gonna get off. how many people from cali want that dude out? not many i would say. the governator has basically lost all hope of being senator and his republican brethren will never allow him to give tookie clemency. i think tokie should just get all the nookie he wants before it's lights out for the last time. it's a balance between letting someone off the hook and sentencing a hardened and convicted gangster - and to top shit off he's one of the founder of the boys in blue bandanas. i have seen may men - some less deserving being executed. the governator is gonna find himself in a pickle over this because if we can all remember that bill clinton also granted pardon to a man in the US who had not been living in the states because of fear of arrest if he ever came back. in the last 24 hours of clinton's time in office he granted one Mr Rich pardon and this dude is living in the US and also donated some $500 000 to the campaign of hillary for her drive into senate. that shit has come back and bit the clintons in the butt. what i'm saying is what does the governator have to gain by granting tookie clemency?
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