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so yesterday was thanksgiving - a reminder of how the pilgrims repaid the hospitality of the native americans after surviving their first year on the new world. they fed them and them killed them all the next day when the poor natives were still suffering from indigestion from excessive gluttony. the pilgrims also gave the native americans (commonly known as reserve monkeys) the common cold, herpes, scurvy and a host of uncurable unmentionables.

so as i was saying yesterday was thanksgiving - a happy belated thanksgiving to all americans out there (yes you too tateguru, you know how the adage goes - when in america, lower your intellegence) - and i was hoping to see a turkey on the table. mind you this hope was misplaced because it was drummed into my head that there would not be a turkey - the host is a strict vegan. i could just about the original thanksgivers turn in their shallow graves on sacred indian land. i even offered to do the killing of the turkey myself if she was opposed to the spilling of blood - with no success might i add. i offered to knock the turkey unconcious and pop it in the pot to let is boil and soften and then in the oven - all the while unconcious. i tried every possible means to get a turkey on the table but all we had was some stuffed gemsquash and some other stuff which tasted surprisingly good. i sat there with some very upset african flesh hounds who were baying for the blood of the host. they wanted meat and no amount of pumpkin pie and peach cobbler was gonna change their minds.

it was my first thanksgiving in a long while but i was under the impression that a tradition should not be changed to suite the dietary needs of a select few - even if that few was the majority. try as i may i could help but feel that i was being cheated - if i didn't wanna eat meat then i might was well visit a university dorm during the middle of the month. the company more than made up for the missing turkey, but this should only be a once off occurance. had the indians known that they were gonna die so some vegan girl could serve us veggies, they would have rather stayed at home - in their double wide teepees.  8O
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