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How do I submit material for review?

If you want to send your promotional material please email info@africasgateway.com and request our postal address

OR email your direct download links to:

NB:  Whether review requests are sent offline or online we must receive a tracklisting.

Which formats do you accept for reviewing purposes?

Any format.  CD, CD-R, DVD, Vinyl, MP3, VHS and Cassettes etc. We also accept gaming formats and books.

Which genre of music and/or entertainment do you cover?

All genre’s.  Music is music, if it’s good, we’ll cover it!

How long should I wait after I’ve sent my package?

It is always good practice to send us an email informing us of the date you posted the package. We will inform you once it has been received. Our email address: info@africasgateway.com.

Make sure you send your promos to the right address!

I want you to publish my artists’s biography…

You can send it to info@africasgateway.com.

Send us photos too. We check our email everyday.  If it’s written well we will consider publishing it.

How can I or my artist receive an interview on this site?

In many cases we will approach an artist for an interview but if you feel that you want to be interviewed then please drop us a line.

For all interview requests send an email to info@africasgateway.com.

I want to invite you to my event / gig / show so that it can be reviewed on your site…

We can attend most cities in South Africa through our street teams.  Ask us and we will be there, send a comp if necessary.  You must allow us to bring in digital cameras.

Where can I send my press releases, announcements, gig/event info etc so that you can publish them on Africasgateway?

Submit your information here, and we will do our best to publish within 24 hours.

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