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[29 Oct 2013 | No Comment | ]

Zambian Rap outfit; Zone Fam have come full circle, within the past year they have released Hit after Hit including Contolola, Sinjonjo, Propeller, Lobola and now “Da Bidness”. This is all in anticipation of the release of their second album in February 2014.

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[27 Oct 2011 | No Comment | ]

Zambia’s Zone Fam recently released their debut album “The Business (Foreign Exchange). The main group consists of four individuals; Dope G, Jay Rox, Yung Verbal and Thugga. The group was formed in 2007 and is managed by Duncan Sodala CEO of Slam Dunk Records, Zambia.

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[7 Jan 2005 | No Comment | ]

MODEST, versatile and religious are very rare qualities to be spotted in a HIP-HOP star but for Zambian rapper Chisenga Katongo better known as C.R.I.S.I.S, these are the marks that set him apart from the rest.  You can read more about his album "Officer In Charge" over here