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8 Bars A Day Keeps The Wack MCs Away

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... i'm the black so(u)n of god
faught hard to protect triton's rod
heard munetsi's name spoken through a thousand prophecies
life's parodies had demons preaching fallacies
afterlife indices my stock climbs as i bury emcees
got them singing hail marys,
not making sense like parables told
twofold ten days before becoming 8 days old
i gave hell a cold, had the devil on his knees
had him begging god please...
My parents said i could be whatever i wanted, so i chose to become an a**hole


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one verse too many of a chatsite
for one who promised he'd never have a website
well i suppose one is allowed to change ones mind
coz once upon a time i never saw that i was blind
one wrong move had me trapped in the rap death trap
where no strings and no-one gives a f*** about this earth crap
i had one day to try and fix it all and unlearn what i'd learnt
coz i am the type that learns once, so once upon a time i was burnt
Trapped In The 90ies Nigga.


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I still owe more than two week of verses
and 2day i intend to double what 2 times 10 is
2 blind mice trapped up in a furnace
the third was two floors up 1 set ahead in tennis
2 fly for the spanish
2 generations decended from degenerate genetics
once bitten twice shy when he touch the mic thats why he panics
briCK killed one 2 many MC thats why bitches on his penis
Trapped In The 90ies Nigga.


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three times three is nine son so dont foget it
if you miss it twice on the third just forget it
imagine walking 3blocks smoking weed without no gerik
three puffs later you think aight yo lets set it
1 third of the crew says true while the other two wont let it
its 3am in the burbs rocking hoodies drinking acting barbaric
bumping three tracks one by Parish the other two by Eric
Strickly buisness three muskerteerstryna sink brew like Titannic
Trapped In The 90ies Nigga.


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Four the life of me i just cant understand why we need breath
i know what four i just dont know what for, is it to avoid death
if we were born to live..then four season changin from bad to worse makes no sense
those are the types of thoughts i feed my brain as a four cource meal its intense
four quaters, 1/4 of a verse, 4 elements, 4 corners, 4 known dimentions 4 f*** sakes
its only four time a day when i'm not thinking about sex or getting drunk
4 groups of two makes my 8bars a day complete heavy weight eight drop a heavy chunk
scary punk rock sonic the hedge hog looking rocksters in 2 piece outfits times 4 = 8
Trapped In The 90ies Nigga.


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I am from the city of "empty empty caset 2 for five rand"
JHB central is where 5 hour of my day went to
went through rituals of numbing all five senses while watching a live band
on the street coner 5blocks from gandi squre a train away from Soweto
i know there 5 points in a compa** but i belive south is the best end
where the best five finger discounters street dwelling saveges were bred
i love all my people in SA but i wouldn't trade it for being born in the west rand
5minutes walk from my boys grandma, my girl and my best friend
Trapped In The 90ies Nigga.


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... twice apon a time in africa we'll be kings once more
wear jupiter's rings as crowns and denounce war
tread on solemn promises sworn to on sacred grounds
walk hand in hand with love struck gods with visions profound
what was cast in maddstone made history shed tears
waters of reason each with a story of past years
they burn brighter than filament and tungsten
amongst men we stand with tainted virtues cast in iron...
My parents said i could be whatever i wanted, so i chose to become an a**hole

Malcom E.K.K.S

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In simple 'n plane english, I deliver mouth waterin' dishes/
Repping +264, from tha G.A sexion rhyimng species/
Where we bust rhymes on a regular, rhymes dats spectacular, /
If music is a universal language, then hiphop is our varnicular/
Imperial like flipmode, I bust 'a' rhyme and cause anarchy/
Think positively, like the terminal of a battery/
Pa** thru  the Africa's gateway easily, with my V.I.P access pa**/
While ya'll get thrown out by bouncers, till u land on ya a**/

 :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D

Lord Deacon Of Frost

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deacon in this bitch

I'll rock your head piece with my vocab
Imagery got you trippin like your whole tongue was 1 big tab
Covered in LSD and you still didn't get the best of me
The best is yet to come, invisible to the blind, not deaf but dumb
Shatter your whole world like bread crumbs
f*** critics, I'll break ebert's thumbs
Leave him two thumbs down
Yeah, there's a new fool in town
He wears a dunce cap instead of a crown
So f*** off, I'm off the wall, can't fall at all
Instead I'm climbin, the ladder and at the same time rhymin
If this was a tape, it'd need some rewindin

 :lol: dopeness

That not good enough for ya?


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Damn that Avatar


see what that a** did

holy shiiiiiiit
Trapped In The 90ies Nigga.


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eish...dont know so much bout 8 bars. just think of this as one of those 'i was here' tags scrawled on desktops.

i am in acceptance of your silent proposition
walking towards you, stranger in the dark
i imagine GOD smiles
im praying on venus
my goddess of love
this heart
the colour of rubies
you're the harmony
im the drum
souls intertwine in the creation of the sweetest sound
we taste eternity
this love
a dance across a moonlit sky
i hear an angel chorus
im high on your melody
heaven opens and bliss embraces me
pregnant silences give birth to the promise of discovery
im surrendering to your song
this body
your rhythm
you a waterfall
washing over me
i am anew in you
this kiss, a golden moment
lost in the warmth of our happiness
beautiful divinity
a king, a queen
a symphony of this life and what it means
this, an orchestra of our dreams
we become a pa**ionate frenzy of words and sounds
the ups and downs
im taken
lost there inside
keeping to the time
overflowing emotion
the waves of this ocean
tell me now, how do i contain this impending explosion
we're coasting it
and baby
i know i wanna ride
let me serenade your pain
lets you and i be whole again
in my mindseye
wishing away your blues
not only to rock but to make it cla**ical
bow to fate
dont say it
come now write on me
your monumental instrumental
all your tomorrows, not yet named
im knocking
9 minor keys for all your doors
gentle vibrations when your soul smiles
let me be the only star in your sky
just for you
the tenor to this alto
we're so fine tuned
quiet storm
i already heard you
there before conception
awaiting a future inception
a song this sublime
turning you upside down
inside out
searching for pieces of your frazzled mind
a resounding lullaby
echoing secrets hidden in time
oh, joy, please be mine
ive been waiting so patiently in this treacherous line
no longer seeking to be left behind
my queen of hearts to your ace of spades
daughter of eve
ill be your original sin
the freshness of this spring dew, juice from this nectar
flowing into you
drink from this, my fountain of life
come alive
let me ignite you
this sister to the sun
just this one
of any other
there can be none
you will speak in tongues
feel being in its entirety
i will tie you in knots
then slowly undo you
fullness you will receive
you will know everything
have you seeing visions of nations and generations
you will understand complete stimulation
naked in my truth
the blackness/bareness of my skin
find me within
infinitely, day becomes night becomes day becomes night
i sit there beside you
a child of the light.

a trio
enter woman
lets become this duet.

only beginning.
- soul activist. poet. flower. fairy -


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yo blackrhoze
we slept close
in a past life
u were my last wife
like the suns scar
your teeth were a gum's star
after we'd fight
you'd capture my light
recite to the nite
with your secrets polite
that echoed with reason
i bellowed the seasons
commanding the oceans
was jealous of neptune
as he hid your emotions
your petal's fragrance
and mental brilliance
the thorns in your side
adorning the tide
you walked on the shore
like the sea talking some more
to the fatherless sands
grew 13 hands
as u turned into land
surfaced like hills
destiny's seals
i begged you to come
but the sex was so dumb
now i wait behind time
were poets mate with a rhyme
i have a date with your mind
we once ate with the blind
discussing our light
how it was disturbing their sight
my angel mastered her art
but left her wings in my heart
so she walks like a man
i'm fly,at least my heart now thinks that i can
i fell in love with your words
and out of love with the world's
until the next life
Bhlackrhoze, u r still my best wife


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woah  :)  miss VP.. damn yo!
Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand


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i was told/
while gettin old by da streets, that i was cold/
and u muthaphuckas gettin bold/
let it be known....gambler will take ur soul/
the hood got me programmed/
wit no respek fo most mAn/
and im tryna do things that most mAn cant/
i can either die in the struggle/
or live in the hustle/
steadly gettin into trouble/
off this game i've seen mAn stumble and crumble/
but it wont happen to me/
for all eternity/
so u got gambler on peripheral vision/
spot me on yo block trippin/
wit macks and glocks clickin/
finesse, de only way tah blaze them hot sluggs in



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...through a palimpsest of dreams
i followed night's incandescent footprints
leading to the mountains of upward-flowing streams;
there where celestial lifesources rested upon soul mountains
i continued my traverse through instances that travelled in re-verse
bringing me closer to my beginning - a word
said in intimacy it was the creation of my world
i stand behind invisible rainbows that berth giant butterflies
with wings of cold blue flames, as they tame the absence of light
re-riting the wills of time, inheriting countless eternities
i seek to join ancestral fraternities,
indulge with hedonistic deities
hope my words are not acts of blasphemy
at my beginning i will end vague truths
and resurrect images of converted saints in their youths
and at my end i will begin to speak in dialects of eternal wisdom
of all my thoughts held up in time's prison...
My parents said i could be whatever i wanted, so i chose to become an a**hole