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New Emcees Cause A Stir In Zimbabwean Rap Circles


15 April 2004 No Comment

Over the past year or so the hip hop arena in Zimbabwe had fallen victim to chancers and one hit wonders that had threatened to cripple the entertainment industry. This is now a thing of the past as there seems to be a new breed of emcees that have said no to this destructive phenomenon and have now taken it upon themselves to uplift the flag and true culture of hip hop in the country and the current stream of hits that have been flooded onto local urban grooves radio station Power FM have practically awoken those that have been in a snooze.

Enter Mos’ Yall Def, a new rap duo who have torn the game apart with their new single called H-Town Girl. The track has been receiving great airplay and is currently enjoying great reviews in the press. They speak about the H-Town girl and how she is every mans dream come true but the twist is very simple…she is all over the city and is falling for all the guys that she sees. This is apparently something real and all the Harare boys seem to relate to what this track is all about.

The two emcees, D.C. and Soosh are from the middle class suburbs of Mabelreign and are both completing their tertiary education. They have been contracted to Mo V.I.P Entertainment, home to founders Movip family and R&B songstress Xiomara for nearly a year now and are promising to drop an album that is surely going to rock the city and the country alike. 

As we speak they are currently working on a video that they hope to release within the next month and to say the least, the whole city is waiting for both this and their next single. Other new artists that have broken into the market that is fresh and ready for exploitation are the likes of MC Cheetah who is said to be going on tour to Malawi this month with other artists from his lable although this particular emcee has not released anything but is riding on the wave of the success he has on the underground scene.

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