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If you would like to help us with the following projects please get in touch.  In the meantime we are already well on our way to completing some of these!

  • African Hip Hop Wiki
  • Optimise SQL queries and CSS stylesheet to reduce page load
  • Implement caching
  • Facebook forum integration
  • Improve the look of the AG forum rss feed box
  • Implement versions for Ipad and Mobile phones
  • Improve comment box with FB and Twitter integration
  • Improve typography on top menus
  • New post types to cater for reviews and other content types
  • Downloads directory for albums, music categorised by region, country and city
  • Africasgateway Compilations
  • Enabling Multi Site features for contributing editors and/or contributing bloggers
  • Locally & remotely hosted files organised in a directory structure
  • Weekly Podcasts
  • Transfer Geo Tags to Custom Fields to enable better regional categorization.  Creation of Country and/or Regional Editions.
  • Integrate BB Press
  • Forum header to equal Main site header to ensure uniform look across the applications
  • Free Artist Workshops and Lectures (Web Development, Music Promotion, Industry Overviews etc) – with special focus in South Africa’s non core areas

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