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Tha Cypha – The Last 2 Weeks – News From Nam


24 May 2004 No Comment

Word from the Namibian sector of hip hop, the past two weeks have been blazing cypha style, with more appearances from Jozi emcee X-rate and his crew ‘HOME ROLLED” doing their freestyles…plus an exclusive 15 most grimey track ever played on the cypha play list…Read on…

Two weeks ago hip hop emcee and former Cypha presenter BONX aka Wn Da Nphynt aka Battle Axe made a turn at the Unam Radio studios to assist Eraze, dish out 15 of the most grimey tracks evelamm on the cypha show… it was like taking the Windhoek masses back a couple of ye when Bonx and Eraze used to do a hip hop show on the same station on Saturday afternoon (the babalaz shift).  The playlist ranged from the likes of Co-flow to Immortal Technique plus a 16th spot reserved for the hottesst local track which went to, one of Windhoeks hottest producers Kannibal (of the Militants) with his sick track “Mafia”….

The show went as far as having an A list line up of freestylers; peeps like X-Rate, Vortex and Cypha fire spitter and veteran Mc EKKs who is current gone to Tibet ( mental journey to get in touch with the inner emcee whom he feels, that a gap is growing)….

Rated as one of the hottest cyphas, the show went on for an extra 30 minutes, just incorporate the maddness in the studio.

Last week, the Cypha took on a commercial route, “not Nelly commerce but commerce enuf”, but it was still blazing, and the peeps enjoyed it. The freestyle segment was once again blessed with the presence of X-rate and his peeps, Mc Ekk not around of course….

Word on the streets in Windhoek: Militant will be dropping an album pretty soon, plus rumours are that Home Rolled will be dropping Ep as well (u didn’t hear that from me)….A new outfit called Solid Production is making waves, but making bigger waves is word that.  The Militant have a diss track for the Solid Peeps, The Militant have a reputation for dissing peeps, who they consider wack.  Check out their album for some of these tracks and the Hard Mafia Track…which might have a Remix featuring The Genetik Audio Sexion.

more from Windhoek pretty soon….

Tha Cypha, Windhoek Namibia, Thursday’s 8-10pm, on Unam radio 97.4fm…with Eraze




Holla Africa, if u got mad beats/tracks/freestyles

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