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Tha Cypha – Black Market Trashed and Rated


25 June 2004 No Comment

Thursday, 9:40pm X-Rate and Mic-Kanix joined Eraze on the Cypha. The show was threatening to be the wackest ever with no emcee up in the studio. We were all happy when Eraze finally announced that he had some emcees up in the Studio. Then Mc Ekks rolled thru as well…The freestyles begin….And guess what X-Rate came to do…

X-rate hot on the freestyles with Mc Ekks and Mic-kanix ..let’s out “what the F$#K is Black Market” not in those exact words, but u get the picture. It seems the J-Sec emcee had come to the Cypha with a mission to set the record straight that, “u don’t mess with him”.  On some level X-Rate was calling all out beef on the Militants and the whole Black Market stables, calling them kids and peeps who have no clue about hip hop.

The whole of Windhoek, is in suspense waiting to see what will be the out of X-Rate’s outburst…
word is that Eraze will be in Botswana for the next couple of weeks, so his silent side kick and Cypha producer Bonx will be holding the fort down. Enjoy your break, though u might be missing the best beef BBQ on the Cypha.

To add on, the hot night of freestyles from Windhoek’s elite, Mc Ekks fired a couple of heavy rounds at another emcee, who has made some visits on the Cypha, “Lethal Ammunition” who used to rap under the name Kenny, no not that Kenny from South Park, but like him this Kenny got killed.  Word is that next weeks Cypha Kenny will pay another visit, maybe with a cause like X-rate.

All in all the Cypha was cool, with a playlist that swung from old skool to new…mixing Organized Konfusion with Immortal Technique, CunningLynguists and so on. We can’t wait for next week….keep your eyes on the Gateway, to what will be coming…..

Tha wryta wryting for the Cypha

Peace to Eraze, Bonx, Mc Ekks, X-Rate, Mic-kanix, Militants…and everybody doing hip hop Africa and worldwide.

The Cypha
Unam Radio 97.4

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