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don motswako and oop daddy's urbantainment - issue #14 - 15/10/99


check this out...

..."sincerely apologise, but i wasn't the only person who thought you were
of caucasian descent... ..to be quite honest a lot of us thought you were
caucasian...and were getting quite pissed off at having a white bwoy passing
himself off as one of our own."

the above was sent to me by an acquaintance in jozi... after i e-mailed
this person a picture of myself...

so there are people out there who think that dj motswako is a whiteboy
trying to cash in on "black" culture... and here i thought the name motswako
said it all... from this day forth i shall be known as itumeleng oa 
no.. no.. no... that was a pathetic attempt at crackinga joke...
i am a young black male - born and bred in a township called manenberg in 
cape town.
my real name is arthur van wyk... and if i've lived with it for the past 27 
so can you...

funda joe... funda!


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the ultimate in live & direct hip-hop..
cape town style exhibition of lyricism
15 october 1999
@ the planet (observatory)
with dj's : matolo and zama zee
cover charge: r10 before 11pm
featured mcs: ghetto muffin, fu man chu, fifth-floor

cape town hiphop is about to be swallowed whole...
another hiphop monthly... toward the development of the culture..
"the show"
exposure to the underexposed..
a platform for coming out the box....
retail space to sell literature, t-shirts, mix tapes etc...
watch this space....

ker-boom" presents
the gauloises essential mix - "return to da hood"
@ rhythm divine - long str, c.t
friday 15th october
essential mix hood mixologists:
*rozzano x - hip hop
*ready d - scratchin
*bonanaza klone - breakbeats
*cheech & anton - big beat
*animal chin - drum'n' bass
25 bucks at the door, or 20 plus booking fee from ticketweb
call 0860 400 500 or surf http://www.ticketweb.co.za.

thiz iz it
seven entertainment in conjunction with the jam,
brings you a night of stricly original hip hop - live and in your face...
femme fatale,
seven .
and.. blunt the banned
16th october 1999
the jam
c/c r15
doors open @ 9pm

blue ink entertainment drops...
"the vinyl inferno"
16 october 1999
chilli 'n lime - longkloof studios
odwa and phat phlava joe on decks..
20 big ones get your ass inside..

on 4 turntables
rozzanno x
bonanza clone
fletcher(krushed and sorted)
on the mic:
indigenius unique
bang bang
d.form (moodphase5ive)
plus open mic session for freestylers
23 october
the drum cafe - 32 glynn str.
r20 at the door.

joburg's underground hip hop dj.. syntax is releasing
an underground mixtape which includes beats by:
pete rock, gza, dj premier, rob-o, screwball, spex,
mos def, lootpack, high & mighty, beatnuts, dr. dooom,
slum village, cormega and more...
it's to be released on 19 november 1999.
it will cost y'all a mere r20...
watch urbantainment for outlets..
djs,radio stations,record companies,promoters
mailto:dj@ananzi.co.za to claim your free copy!!!
inspired from his forthcoming album "y3k"...

beacon smoothies kwaito road show
with kwaito king arthur guest artists...
springs college on 13 october (with splash, dalom kids and queen)...
mpumalanga training college, nelspruit on 15 october...
nelspruit street bash on 16 october...
vanderbijlpark street bash on 20 october...
nyanga stadium, cape town, 22 october and...
mnandi beach, cape town on 23 october...

tlo be re le daar

at the jam....de villiers street, district six...

friday, 15 october..
red fire catching alternative party: dj's playing the best of ska,
modern rock, indie, electronic and punk.

saturday, 16 october..
blunt and friends: a night of hard core live hip-hop in true blunt style,
with dj's playing hip-hop, ragga and jungle cross-over.

wednesday, 20 october...
ras tamie and the warriors will have their cd launch..
so ya'all are invited to come and get irie to some good live rhythms and
dj's to keep it going all night long.
doors open at 8pm

friday, 22 october
funkromania: firing squad and 206 dj's: the vibrant firing squad will get 
the crowd
jumping after which you can get low down and funky with the 206 dj's 
(blunted stuntman,
bob, damani) all night long.

saturday, 23 october..
funky alternatives: dj andre (fringe) and dj bruce (springfields) rocking 
the floor with
the latest funk and alternative music: cd give-aways: red hot chilli 
peppers, the matrix,
squeal, limp bizkit, bush and nine inch nails: thanks to gallo records



the american hip hop industry has lost a vital media outlet when rap pages
magazine closed it's doors last week. this publication was owned by hustler
publisher larry flint who noted that there wasn't enough advertising being
generated to continue on. editor & chief allen gordon is set to finish up a
documentary on west coast hip hop. it is a straight to video piece that will
be distributed by xenon entertainment. gordon will no doubt continue to work
on manifest which is a new magazine focusing on african american men.
the premier issue looked sharp.

it is noted that there is a strong possibility of an nwa reunion. last year 
the subject was brought up, all the original members which includes mc ren, 
dj yella
and cube were all set to go. snoop dogg was scheduled to take the place of 
the late
eazy e . the only hold out was the group's producer and co-founder dr dre 
who was on
that 'been there done that' mind set. he backed out and the project was 
nixed. now it
appears he may have a change of heart. the group is supposed to sit down and 
talk about
this reunion in the next couple of days.


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P4 Radio recognised for Marketing Excellence

P4 Radio, the Heart and Soul of Cape Town, was recognised by the
Institute of Marketing Management for excellence in its marketing efforts.

This industry benchmark indicates a year-on-year growth for P4 Radio Cape 
of 54% in the number of weekly listeners (an increase of 33,000 listeners to
the current level of 94,000).

and the thing about this that really whips my pudding is that...

the ad agency for P4 Radio is 100% black owned... and controlled..

jan smuts turns in his grave... i'm sure...

eishhh joe !!!

john was a clerk in a small drugstore but he was not much of a
salesman. he could never find the item the customer wanted. bob,
the owner, had had about enough and warned john that the next
sale he missed would be his last.

just then a man came in coughing, and he ask john for their best
cough syrup. try as he might, john could not find the cough
syrup. remembering bob's warning, he sold the man a box of ex-lax
and told him to take it all at once. the customer did as john
said, immediately, and then walked outside and leaned against a
lamp post. bob had seen the whole thing and came over to ask john
what had transpired.

"he wanted something for his cough but i couldn't find the cough
syrup. i substituted ex-lax and told him to take it all at
once," john explained.

"ex-lax won't cure a cough!" bob shouted angrily.

"sure it will," john said, pointing at the man leaning on the
lamp post. "look at him. he's afraid to cough.".


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are you a phat kwaito or rap artists?
do you have skillz? wanna record an album?
imbizo entertainment can put you on...
send mail to 
dial 083 588 8441
or submit your demo to:
po box 345
cape town
the official black entertainment authority



check various s.a. dj mixezzz, s.a. music and some
k-e-w-l chart topping hits from the 80's - 90's...
neptune kznet radio, let the music play...!!!


wanna know about hip hop in the rest of africa?
well.. get down on it..
rumba-kali african hip hop updates


advertise in urbantainment
now, you can reach 1 300+ readers(and growing).
hit me on 


looking for those chillers & thrillers in cape town?
get with the most up-to-date entertainment resource in the
muthacity. check out http://www.gig-guide.co.za.
the source y'all


looking forward..

- "music from your mutha city"
27 november 1999
206 live, joburg

- saturday, 30th october
boogie down knights - "simon says..."
the jam

- fresh house flava vol 3 in stores 8/11/99.

- boom shaka and bongo maffin getting ready for christmas releases..

- the new chiskop album is due out in 2 weeks... tentatively titled 
"ghetto 2000"

- mizchif's album... out on eargasm entertainment...

- tkzee's guz family album...


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