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Nissim Releases Epic New Visual For Latest Single From His Self-Titled Album


5 October 2013 No Comment

Seattle rapper Nissim, formerly known as D.Black, has released a series of powerful and unprecedented tracks from his recently dropped self-titled album, and now presents a stunning and epic visual to accompany the song “Revered.” Infusing his music with lyrical content and ideology inspired by his conversion to Orthodox Judaism has made Nissim a truly unique artist within the hip-hop genre, and has garnered him media attention from both the international hip-hop and Jewish communities.

The new video, directed by Sawyer Purman and Ben Anderson of Altrac Productions, finds Nissim wandering through deserts and mountains, his own journey mirrored by a group of nomads also seemingly on a spiritual quest. Sprawling landscapes, sun-drenched horizons, and vibrant, glowing star-filled skies echo the passion of the track, which explores broad themes of spiritual awareness and man’s relationship to a higher power. “The desert indicates a sense of futility, and a lack of life,” says Nissim, “We all search on the daily for fulfillment and we love to have control over our own lives and take responsibility for our successes. And many times we don’t realize that we are saying to the divine, ‘Leave, I don’t need you. In fact, I can rule this world, my world.’ ”

Having experienced the ups and downs of his own internal spiritual struggle, and subsequently the rejuvenation brought by a reconnection to his faith, Nissim knew the locations in the video would perfectly compliment the ideas he hoped to convey with the track. “In a place where it’s desolate and there are no buildings, city life, work, TV, etc, to hide behind,” he says, “The war between man and G-d will truly take place.” A remarkable image of Nissim standing atop a vast mountain waving a white flag perhaps provides his ultimate answer to who will always win this war.

Download the album here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/nissim/id697801355

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