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Black Milk – “Sunday’s Best/Monday’s Worst”


9 October 2013 No Comment

This spring, Black Milk dropped the tracks “Sunday’s Best” and “Monday’s Worst” as a double single well-received by critics and the blogosphere. Now, the Detroit rapper and producer can add the title “director” to his list of skills for the video “Sunday’s Best / Monday’s Worst” alongside co-director, Gerard Victor. The video shows a boy struggling with his identity and facing the temptation of the streets, despite his upbringing. This video marks the first one where Black himself isn’t shown; he chose to use family members to represent his character.

Filmed in Detroit, “Sunday’s Best” and “Monday’s Worst” tell Black’s semi-autobiographical story of a boy named Sonny Jr., and features his signature flows and deft use of soul samples on both tracks. After a poignant shot of the actual house Black Milk grew up in, the video opens with a boy sitting in church daydreaming about how the surrounding streets of Detroit will affect his future. A brief close up of a toy gun symbolizes the influence that the street already has on Sonny. The beat switches from sharp drums over a gospel sample to a slower jam that leads with a choir singing precisely what Sonny has been doubting: “it’s never too late to get your values straight.” The lyrics now tell an older Sonny’s story, “I’m thinkin’ how can I make some dollars within the hours/It’s funny how them hunger pain to your rib/can turn a decent kid into doing a bid.” A grown version of Sonny heads out to the club and finds that it might be too late as shots are fired.

Says Black Milk, “This video means a lot to me for few different reasons. One, it was cool to have some of my family members in the video. Also, shooting footage of the house I grew up in and spent my of my life in brought back so many memories of all of the music I recorded there, from Sound of the City all the way through Tronic. It was my first time being behind the camera as well and is probably my best video yet.”

The tracks can be found on Black’s upcoming album, No Poison No Paradise, which will be released next Tuesday, October 15th. The entire album focuses on telling the story of Sonny Jr. through his dreams about his childhood and the influence that friends, money, and growing up in Detroit had on him. Fans will find the album relatable as it touches on themes of temptation, relationships, pressure to succeed and more. Musically, the album retains the hard drums and mellow synths characteristic of Black Milk’s production style while his flows and lyrical sophistication progress. Black produced on every track of the album, which he feels has “a more laid back vibe…even my vocal tone is more relaxed, calmer and darker.” Guest features include Dwele, Quelle Chris, Black Thought of The Roots, jazz pianist Robert Glasper and more.

Black Milk’s No Poison No Paradise Tour with Quelle and DJ Sober is currently underway. Check below for remaining tour dates.

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