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iTunes-Only Bonus Cut from Black Milk’s No Poison No Paradise


14 October 2013 No Comment

Tomorrow, esteemed producer and rapper Black Milk releases his newest full-length solo album, entitled No Poison No Paradise. Already regarded as a contender for Top 10 lists for Best Albums of 2013, NPNP exemplifies Black’s evolution and growth as an artist. Created with the intent of having a more relaxed, calmer, and darker vibe compared to his previous solo album, NPNP still incorporates his signature sample-driven production style full of hard drums and melodic synths but pushes his refined narrative ability to a new level. Today, Black shares the special iTunes-only bonus track, “Poison.” Says Black, “This was the last song I made for the album. It’s a short song about the main character, Sonny, waking up out of his dream and trying to make sense of it all.”

NPNP showcases Black’s knack for storytelling using a semi-autobiographical character named Sonny Jr. and his lucid dreams to take the listener on a journey through his experiences growing up in a rough working-class neighborhood in Detroit and working out the choices life presents to him, as a kid, an adolescent, and an aspiring artist in seemingly random and inconsistent order, just like how dreams are in real life. Says Black, “I wanted the stories from song to song to link in some way but still wanted the messages to stand on their own. If someone were to listen closely and understand how the songs and stories connect to one another, then that would make the experience that much more special.” No Poison No Paradise features guests Grammy Award winners Robert Glasper, Dwele, and Black Thought of The Roots, as well as long-time collaborators Quelle Chris, Tone Trezure, Will Sessions, Mel, and Ab. Black Milk produced every track on the album with the exception of “Sonny Jr. (Dreams),” which was produced by Black Milk, Robert Glasper, and Dwele.

Black Milk’s No Poison No Paradise Tour with Quelle and DJ Sober is currently underway. Check below for remaining tour dates.

Stream “Poison” here: https://soundcloud.com/blackmilksoundcloud/poison-bonus-track

Stream the album here: http://pitchfork.com/advance/258-no-poison-no-paradise 

Pre-order No Poison No Paradise on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/no-poison-no-paradise-deluxe/id690380563?ls=1

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