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Interview With Lupe Montoya of Last Adam Tees

7 July 2004 No Comment

Graffiti is definitely gaining widespread acceptance. This is evident in the number ofgraf magazines, websites and also clothing labels out there. Last Adam Tees is the first Christian clothing company with a strictly graf design line that I have encountered. Check the interview with Lupe Montoya of LAST ADAM to find out more.

Who is Last Adam and when was the label conceived?

Last Adam Clothing USA is an innovative Christian Apparel line founded in March 2000 by 3 brothers Lupe, Bruno and Art Montoya.

How did come up with the name, what does it mean?

Last Adam Clothing USA gets its name from the Bible. In 1 Corinthians chapter 45.15 Jesus is described as the Last Adam the life-giving Spirit.

What would you want to achieve through your line?

We hope to achieve 2 objectives: The first is to share the message of Last Adam with hip hop heads all across the world. The second is to eventually see last Adam Clothing USA recognized as a mainstream clothing line available in stores everywhere just like Ecko, Southpole, Tribal, Madsoul ect.

How has the response from both young and adult Christians been to your label thus far? 

So far the response has been very positive. The young Christians really dig our gear and for the most part the adults get what we’re doing.

Graffiti being such a misunderstood art form, sometimes dismissed as vandalism or even satanic by some. Do you often have to defend it?

Not really…because nowadays graf is becoming more mainstream and therefore more visible in ads and rap videos people aren’t as averse to it.

Do you also do (piece) walls or do you design t-shirts only?

I’m personally not a graffiti writer but the writerz we work with do bust pieces on wallz but only on legal ones with permission. They primarily bust pieces to go on t-shirts though.

How do come up with new designs? What’s the creative process like?

Because I’m not a graffiti writer I leave that up to our artists ASEK, SENT, and CHIDE. The process of coming up wit nu designz involves prayer to God seeking inspiration…they’re also influenced by the latest graffiti styles and trendz out there.

What do you both love and hate about Graffiti today?

What I love about graffiti today is the creative freshness alot of graf writers are bringin’…I also dig how some writers are using computerz to come up wit some of the tightest 3-D designz ever seen. For instance, there is a cat named DAIM out of Europe who is renown for this trend. What I don’t like about graff today is the vandalism aspect that comes with it. But, hey that comes wit the territory.

Are there any Gospel rap artists rocking Last Adam gear?

There’s a few Gospel Rap Artists rockin’ our gear…right now there’s FROS-T, MC SOLDIER, SMOOTH RAPTURE, VOCAB MALONE, MC SACRED, CARRIERS OF THE CROSS, SELAH just to name a few.

What can we expect from Last Adam teez this year?

This year we’re lookin’ to drop fresh nu designz and expand our line beyond just t-shirts and baseball caps to include hoodies, skullies and some embroidered logo denim items. Just keep hitting our website for all the nu gear.

Interview by KOLD STONE


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