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Mambisa Hip-Hop Movement

26 June 2003 No Comment

Mambisa Hip-Hip Movement is aimed at promoting the culture of hip-hop and encouraging the youth in and round the province of Gauteng to use their God-given talents and seeing that they benefit from those talents. The movement is open for anyone with interest in music, fashion designing, art or anything that has to do with the mentioned aspects of urban lifestyle.

Mambisa Hip-Hop Movements boats more than 30 card-caring members, who are entrepreneurs, MC’s, DJ’s, break-dancers, graffiti artists, web designers, fashion designers, producers and hip-hop fans. 

Known for organizing hip-hop events in Tembisa, founder members Jabulani “Kiwi the Great” Zwane and Tshepo “Khoi the Legend” Selepe founded the movement in 1997, when many thought hip-hop won’t see the break of day. But due to politics and non-believers the movement kept changing names and starting afresh almost every year. The long and hard struggle for these two warriors lead to them regrouping and rounding up young Tembisa hip-hop admires and falling under the banner Mambisa Hip-Hop Movement. 

“It has been an uphill journey for us but we are still marching and we will until reach the top,” says Khoi of their hip-hop history that saw the work harder and harder to achieve their goals, which are to see “young black entrepreneurs and seeing the community embracing this culture.” According to the great one, K.I., “All of this is going to happen but only hard work will make it happen, hard work from everyone involved.” 

The two hip-hop soldiers are not only big on mouth but their actions are bigger than their talk, their contributions towards the building of hip-hip in Gauteng includes opening Zniko, the country’s first hip-hop club in a township; independently releasing the first 100 % vernacular album, IgoostYe Khahlamba (Mental Fight), the album would change the face of Gauteng hip-hop by influencing albums that followed to incorporate native lyrics in them; they started the Raplist, an underground newsletter that opened doors for other hip-hop newsletters; they were instrumental in insuring that Mzantsi hip-hop gets airplay on the Rap Activity Jam, that MC’s rapping in their mother tongues get to participate on the show and insured that rappers get international exposure through the station’s website.

With such a track record there is no doubt that Mambisa Hip-Hop Movements is in the right hands and will take Mzantsi hip-hop to higher heights. 

By Mambisa Hip-Hop Movement


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