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Songs & Stories For Our South African Sons & Daughters


23 October 2018 No Comment
Emile YX? is best known as a founding member of pioneering South Africa Hip Hop Group, Black Noise, founder of Heal The Hood Project, his Hip Hop Activism, Community work, winner of LeadSA 2016, multiple South African Hip Hop Award winner, Mandela Monday Award, ETV Judge on Step Up or Step Out and many more Hip Hop related events and creations.
Few people know that Emile is a qualified school teacher and much of his recent work in education, through Mixed Mense, Heal The Hood Projects Practical Hip Hop School and the 11 schools and 4 community centres Heal The Hood Project currently work in, is directly inspired by his own Son, Kai-Jeevan & Daughter, Meena. As primary teachers, we parents have the power to either enslave our African children with European and American stories or we can find our own heritage and tell these stories to our kids. Emile has decided to tell these first nation / Bushman stories to his children and have seen them grow in respect for where they are from. Especially now that they are living away from home in San Francisco. Here, they are sharing their stories with other kids and amazing them with Bushman stories and songs that Emile wrote and told them. As an independent artist Emile has recorded and released 24 CDs during his career. It is for this reason that he has independently written and self-published 4 books and with these 4 booklets he wishes to find a publisher to get the stories to as many South Africans as possible.
Emile has decided to keep creating new stories and songs for his daughter, who will have her own album as documentation for her to grow up with and also to share with others. Cape Town has some of the best story tellers and artists that it is a shame that we do not sing our own lullabies nor tell our own stories to our children. Emile is selling each booklet for R50 or a complete package of 4 booklets and CD is available from Heal the Hood Project at R250. Otherwise the CD is R100. Heal The Hood Project can be reached at 0217060481 or Tanswell at 0824744750. Emile is available on email at emileyx@gmail.com.
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