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HI4P Biography


31 July 2011 7 Comments

HI4P Biography

Straight from the depths of Gauteng Province, Tembisa natives H.I.4.P or affectionately known as “Metal Jackets” is a trailblazing 6 man hip hop crew of innovative and skilled lyrical architects, The naturally born headbangers are Mas aka Mastamind, Dummy, Mduza the Burden Bearer, Saenz aka P.O Des, Mad Pro aka 3LA and Fungi.

Dating back from the late 90’s the individuals met through underground gigs during the golden era of Tembisa’s Hip Hop. The respective guys used to belong to different cliques and others ran as solo artist but through friendship, mindset and of course divine intervention these Emcees combined as a collective but only formally created the brand H.I.4.P in early 2002.

The crew is currently working on their first EP to be named Random Airplay (R.A.P) which will be dropping soon, but be on the lookout for their already launched free promotional mixtape titled “The Opening Act” (Mixed by well known pioneer DJ Kane) that started circulating in mid April 2011, the purpose of the mixtape is to get the name out to different areas as possible and lay a foundation for the look and sound of the team.

Trying to define the flavour of H.I.4.P would be like trying to solve an ever evolving puzzle as it comprises of six guys with six different minds and sick styles blending together to unleash a whirlwind of raw sound that’s here to take the industry by storm, Every member has shaped and mastered their own styles to a point of godly-like perfection and the quality of the delivery is astounding.

The basic aim of the group is to set a fresh standard to their peers and the industry alike and be a prime example of delivery, execution and hustling.

Their goal is to break new frontiers as far as the Hip Hop business is concerned, exploiting every avenue and opportunity that is at their disposal.

The crew not only boasts gifted and diverse rhyme slingers but also houses creative designers, producer, graffiti artists, event organisers and engineers.

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