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[21 Jun 2004 | No Comment | ]

Juma4 for Africanhiphop.com: In June 2004, the Committee of Censorship in the Democratic Republic of Congo censored all Congolese rap groups and foreign music. This decision was taken by the Attorney General of the Republic. Thus the clips and music may no longer be broadcasted in Congo, with the example of ‘ndombolo‘, a dance with roots in Congo. The program director of Kinshasa’s private television chain Tropical Channel TV, Mr. Kabeya Pindi Passi, was held during several hours last Thursday for ‘having broadcasted foreign clips and Congolese rap’. It took the intervention of President Joseph Kabila to set him free. The reason given for banning rap is that it is supposedly obscene and violent and causes the youth to behave badly (where have we heard this before?)