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Hiphop Marketing Part 1 Book


18 June 2012 One Comment

This is a training manual for hiphop entrepreneurs and so-called hiphop heads from all over the world.  A self-help book for business people within hip hop.

Hiphop Marketing Part 1 [book] written by QueueoneDambuza

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  • thebrandevangelist

    YOU CANNOT LEARN THE BUSINESS OF HIPHOP FROM A MANUAL. What that says is that anybody who reads the manual will then be in a position to start a hiphop-related business.

    Hiphop business is about having lived hiphop, having hiphop at the foundation of how you live your life. You need to have been norn and grown up on a strict spiritual diet of the hiphop culture before you can even begin to venture into an entrepreneurial venture with hiphop at its core.

    The fact that this book is titled HIPHOP marketing is itself a fallacy. You cannot market a culture. You can market music, clothing, a nightclub etc.. but culture has to be adopted and internalised.

    Hiphop is life. How do you market life?