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Jenro – The Biography – Making Moves

21 February 2004 No Comment

Jenro’s first time rapping on stage was at the age of 10 years old at a summer camp. She rapped about raccoons on her bunk bed and how she hated her cabin leader. She was pulled off stage for not following her summer camp’s criteria that consisted of a forest scene skit. Jenro did not let this stop her from her early dreams of being a female emcee.

Jenro lived her early childhood in the Vallejo, California for 6 years.  There, she wrote about what she saw in the streets outside her home.  Drug dealers and gang members crowded the corner and gave Jenro her first four bar songs to write as she walked home from school at eleven years old.  After moving back to South San Francisco for the second time, Jenro was arrested her first week in middle school for writing on the walls at the school.  Jenro would come home after school and would practice her raps that she wrote during English class.  She first recorded her own song on a tape recorder at the age of 13.

Jenro was always told girls should never rap.  At 16 years old Jenro would battle against the older teenage boys in her neighborhood and prove everyone wrong.  She become the only female on the stage at the lunch time performances in high school.  She also performed at all the talent shows at her school.  Outside of high school, Jenro competed and won several poetry slams across the bay.  She was asked to perform at hip hop shows and local street fairs.  At the age of 17, Jenro starred in a short documentary called “Rebel Girls” based on one of her raps.  This film played across California.  At 19, Jenro performed at various and major city events (SF Pride, Carnival, Oakland Pride).  Jenro has been published in a world wide book such as “What It Took for Me To Get Her” and “Paint Me Like I Am”.

Jenro has been featured on compilations, “Down For The Swerve” and “B.A.R.T. To The 91Siccness” double compilation, which have been released nationally and is currently working on her debut album titled “The Revelation” which is being put out by Tact Out Muzic and Unknown Ent.  This album is in the works as we speak and has already been guaranteed nation wide distribution.  It is expected to be completed and in stores by early 2004.  The album will feature artists such as Young Noble, San Quinn, Mr Kee, C Lim, JLocc of II Sicc and Spice 1.

The album is sure to satisfy, so give her a shot, best believe it will be money well spent.

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