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Interview With Mr Sche


6 June 2004 No Comment

If you’ve been keeping your ear to the ground and collecting some underground mixtapes and compilations from across the dirty south and bay area you would’ve come across the name Mr Sche. We got in touch with the Memphis resident to find out more.

What’s up Mr Sche, how’s life in Memphis these days?

Stressing. but blessed. I have lot to be thankful for. The city isn’t as divided as most think, but it has its share of disappointments.

What albums have you released?

The latest album was My solo ” Lowlife or Nolife “. Past projects that were nationally distributed were ” Lets get wild, Darker things in life chp 2. “

You’ve record and produced with the following artists: P.Diddy, Ice Cube, 8 Ball and MJG plus a host of others, what projects were these on?

This was the 8 Ball ” Lay it Down Cd “. Very nice album.

When I think of Memphis I either think of that TV Show “Cheaters” (don’t ask me why) and the 36 Mafia. I know you’ve worked with DJ Paul but can you tell us what it must be like to work with him?

That was a very long time ago. It was cool. Back in the days it was more of an art to do things, and everyone wasnt so concerned about making money and making it big. He’s actually a good guy in my opinion. He was about his business and I cant hate on that.

So in Memphis is it only the style of 36 Mafia/Mr Sche/La Chat/Project Pat that you hear on radio / at the clubs?

Not at all. Its rounded here…r&b to hip hop. But local music is BIG HERE.

What artists influenced you to get in the game and when did you get involved?

I use to listen to a lot of Hip hop growing up. Boogie Down Prod, Das Efx, Doug E Fresh, and many more. Those guys made me interested in rap and wanted to do it myself. BUT N.W.A made me realize I COULD BE MYSELF IN MUSIC, and not have to rap about things that weren’t me. I started recording back in 1992.

I see that you use a MPC4000, Korg Triton and Korg X3. How would you define the kind of beats you are making? Are you into sampling? 

I make beats that grab you upon introduction. If the beat aint hard, then the verse will only suffer more into trying to keep you interested. I do sample, but not much is put into a sample for my tracks. I may take a sample riff, and build an entire shape around that 1 sound, thus keeping my OWN unique sound.

What style of production and which producers do you prefer out there?

I like all production. Good music has no limit to me. I don’t have a favorite prod., but I have those I like besides myself which are Dr.Dre, and more.

Why do you think it is that Memphis got a different sound to e.g. the North West, West Coast or the East Coast?

Simple…environment. Each culture has its on way of doing things. Down south we say ” wassup mane”, when up north they may say” wassup kid “.

What do you think of screwed down album versions? Would you ever release something like that? 

I likem…not a big fan, but most I can listen to and enjoy. I do have a few songs screwed and chopped. The 8 ball lay it down cd was screwed and chopped and it sounds hot.

What does Mr Sche like to drink?

Alcohol, I drink PAUL MASSON…and Hen…other than that I drink a lot of water to keep me balanced. I may drink sodas from time to time.

And eat? 

I love Fried fish and spaghetti! I don’t eat much junk food. 

What kind of woman do you like?

LOL…hahah…the ones who dont talk much…look nice, smell good, and keeps there nails always clean and manicured. Race doesnt matter…I love all pretty women…and I dont mean physically. The mind and soul has to be positive. I despise anyone negative.

For the folks out there who don’t know, tell us, what kind of stuff do you rap about? 

REALITY ( problems, and hardships ), Club life, and women……THAT’S MY LIFE, SO THAT’S WHAT I SPIT ABOUT. I’m a spiritual guy , but I try not to rap about God too much because niggas don’t want to hear you preaching to them. They usually want to forget about their problems and listen to something to get them buck or into another zone.

Do you think things would be worse for artists if the internet did not exist?

INDEED. MOST DEFINITELY. I’ve reached thousands on the web alone. Its helped me a lot. Its a good way to start if you haven’t already established a street name. And once you have BOTH, YOU ARE A GIANT.

How do you handle fans/supporters? Have you have any crazy stories?

I always take time to talk to a fan. answer questions, and shake a hand. I let them know that I’m human too and that we are the same, and that I do appreciate the support. For the idiots of course, I just ignore them. Concentrate on positive energy.

I have many stories. Once at a show, I had a woman jump on stage and put her tongue down my throat! Shit was funny as hell. Once I was on stage and a girl pulled my pants down and grabbed my dick in front of everyone. It gets wild out here on the road. I’ve seen fights breakout, guns shooting, and even niggas killed at shows. They can turn deadly at a blink of an eye. For the most part, I’ve had good experiences on the road and doing my job period because I TRUST GOD.

What’s the best show you ever performed at?

The one where 5 women came back to my room…LOL…Naw but seriously, Id say the show I had in Amarillo,Texas once. It was my biggest crowd, over 1000 people. Very nice club. Mixed races, and the alcohol was FREE TO US ALL DAY!

What’s been the biggest disappointment for you since you started in this game? 

Loosing FRIENDS…But I’ve learned that it apart of life. Some will not want you to go further than what they have achieved, and they will hate on you. Some will become envious of you just because you are a good person. I didn’t pity loosing them after I realized that I was indeed doing GOOD. and they were the bad guys, NOT ME. 

Do you release your stuff on vinyl? 

Yes…any Djs out there, holla at me and Ill get you some. www.mrsche.com

What goes through your mind when there are probably some people out in Africa who are bumping your music / or hearing it on underground tapes?

I love it…and it makes me work even harder to bring more hot albums in the future. Also it gives me a chance to explore another culture, perhaps even some of my very own descendants.

So if people want to purchase your albums where can they go?

www.mrsche.com. It has all my mailing and contact info there as well. Holla at me anytime. My Email is mrsche27@aol.com

Thanks man for taking the time to talk to us, is there anything you want to add or any shout outs?

Always…no matter what…Keep God first. You achieve that, you achieve all. STRENGTH & LOYALTY

Ed’s Note:
For more infomation check out Mr Sche at www.mrsche.com
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