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Tambiko – A Call From Heaven

18 April 2005 No Comment

On the 16th, of April, Saturday, Pretoria got the true meaning of Tambiko, which is the Swahili word meaning of Ritual, after blessed by the heavy rain which led of postponing for the free hip hop concert, which was supposed to be staged on the day. The concert, which was scheduled to kick off at 12pm till 6pm couldn’t not go on due to the rain during the all of Saturday.

The hip hop event was another initiative of Tambiko-African lyricists Movement, an Independent Hip hop Movement based in Pretoria.

After staging two successful hip hop events in Pretoria, the agenda of the day was to Promote hip hop in Pretoria, to create a positive entertainment outlet for youth in Pretoria, Media coverage of all events, to further advance the standard of Hip Hop in the region among the youth.

Some of the activities supposed to take place including, break-dancing, graffiti art, Mc-battle, Djs, Live Performances and general discussion on Hip hop.

Speaker on the day was Draztik (Cashless Society/Unreleased Records) and Lee Kasumba was to host the event.

The event was sponsored by Converse and Tony’s crib. Some of the Media showed some luv including Kyknet an Mnet channel, witnessing the hip hop march took place from Pretoria Art Museum to B2Vibe in Hatfield to stage four hours of freestyle, B-boying and hip hop sound.

The event will take place soon than you might think, same format different strategies, watch the space. June 16 here we come.

The Tambiko movement wish to thank all the hip hop activists who took the stand by marching all the way from Pretoria Art Museum to B2Vibe, Hatfield, as well as all the people behind hip hop. Aluta Continua

Watch Kyknet between Wednesday and Thursday, from 7:30pm for the snippets of the 4Hrs of free mic session and interview

For more info: phatboy_record@yahoo.com

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