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5 December 2005 No Comment

Ill Literate Skill is a crew defined by Macho, Uno and Macav. The tricky name consisting of multiple syllables is very apt, yet confusing. This though has come to work in their favour with a lot of people to catch on to the buzz they’ve created since their conception in December 2004. Individually, they were solo artists with the exception of Macho who was part of Control Panel. This contributes a lot of growth of this crew in a sense that it guides them their path. Joined by forces of mutual interest, these youths shared a vision that has come to establish them in the underground music scene. Evoking and provoking thought through articulate Ill-Literate-Skill and entertaining with wit and character. Social circles embrace not only in the hip-hop community but also their charisma in general…

The crew’s potential to appeal to any market was confirmed when they performed at the Obz Café in May 2005. They entertained a dominantly band-performing white audience. Quite a challenge it seemed, but this crew left the crowd yearning for more. To sharpen their skill they perform with their township peers and also make sure the rehearse prior each gig.

The biggest issue being Fire On The Mountain, this festival exposed them to a bigger crowd. Other spots that this bunch has performed are the Independent Armchair Theatre, Orchard Bank, Cool Runnings and opened for ProVerb at Chovicho in Rondebosch. Together with Driemanskap under the Diggin’ Deep umbrella they plan a string of gigs at the Independent Armchair Theatre and around the Cape.

Ill Literate Skill is a promising crew with a prominent undeniable future in the music industry. A triangle of unity- Macho, Uno and Macav intend revolutionizing hip hop in South Africa one track, one performance and one album at a time.

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