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24 August 2006 No Comment

Ask any number of MCs, young and old, to describe themselves and you might hear the words “illest”, “undefeatable”, “hardcore”, “gangsta”, or any combination of the aforementioned commonly used adjectives. But, in this instance, when speaking of a entity that exists like none other, mortal words will not suffice. A divine magnate has presented himself in the form of hip hop lyricist, heralded by earth dwellers as OPEN MIC.In 1990, the Connecticut MC then known as “Jedi”, got his start rhyming as a member of the Native Tongue-influenced duo, “The Nobility”. Several demos, a few years, a new group name, and additional members later, the direction of the crew took its turn towards blending science fiction and conspiracy theories into rap songs, which at the time, was a rare take on hip hop music in the early 90s. In 1994, the early “Demigodz” group split up due to the ever-so-popular break up reason: “musical differences”. However, it was through this transition that the Demigodfather met another fellow CT lyricist, Apathy. As the musical partnership between Open Mic and Apathy progressed, the two decided to rebuild the Demigodz name and take their aspirations to an entirely different level. After years of recording songs, mastering the ASR-10, co-hosting a radio show, and gaining ties with the likes of Alien Nation, Mothership a/k/a Eternia, and Al T of Newcleus, Mic’s dues were slowly but surely being paid. Along with Apathy, he also headed up a Connecticut based chapter of the Universal Zulu Nation and recorded the cassette-only “Sureshot Affair” EP, which was self-released in 1997 and sold throughout the underground circles of the North East. Shortly thereafter, Open Mic quietly disappeared from the scene after the birth of his daughter and the acceptance of wedding vows.

In 2000, the Demigodz became resurrected by Apathy and expanded into a military-like squadron of MCs and DJs. With that movement in motion, it couldn’t have existed without the inclusion of its original creator, Open Mic, and once again he became immersed into the hip hop world. Since then, Mic has kept himself afloat by making appearances on wax, including “Science of the Bumrush” on UK-based Stonegroove Recordings and the Demigodz EP released on Ill Boogie Records in mid-2002, all of which received critical acclaim in such publications as XXL and The Source. Outside of the microphone realm, he has made quite a name for himself over the years as a professional graphics designer, in which his lengthy resume extends widely with the creation of many 12″ single, vinyl album, and CD covers for an extensive list of labels – beginning with Apathy’s first two 12″ single covers (“Compatible” & “Ain’t Nuthin’ Nice”) for the now-defunct Bronx Science Records and spawning off into two years working for the label as their lone graphic artist, designing material for the likes of Blahzay Blahzay, 45 King, Shabaam Sahdeeq, K-Otix, Maylay Sparks, Doo Wop, Juice, Big Scoob, Virtuoso, and Lord Digga, as well as his Demigodz family – Celph Titled, Rise, El-Fudge, & Louis Logic. Open Mic has continued his craft as an independent freelance work for hire and has also ventured into photography, which will lead into much of the in-house Demigodz projects.

As work begins on the forthcoming Demigodz full length album, expect to hear Open Mic making an integral contribution with his precisely executed vocals as well as spear-heading the artistic visual direction of the record’s appearance. Fast forward ahead throughout the first decade of the new millenium and it will be here that Open Mic continues to make his mark in the minds of hip hop fans worldwide.

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