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Party People – 26th August 2006


24 August 2006 No Comment

Yes Party People it’s that time once again for all the hiding and the “we don’t have anywhere to go out to kinda people ” to come out for a good time. The third offering of Party people is here. If you haven’t been to the past two events ask those who have. They’ll tell you will have a hell of a good time. This is the kid of party where there’s no time for posers, no one is a celebrity, and no problems allowed at this party leave them at home. Here is the formula: pay at the door, hit the bar and look for a dancing partner and have a party. This time around there will be guest performances by yours truly Tumi (without the Volume) accompanied by DJ PapercuTT. We will not explain more about this, come find out and bring you dancing shoes!  Check out the flyer for all the details.

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