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RV INC’s Making International Noize – Namibia


1 March 2004 No Comment

RV IN© is a young record label based in Windhoek, Namibia; founded by Stallin Kapembe, Leevy-Lee Abrahams, and Dandani Boois in early 2003. Stalin [the Executive Producer of RV IN©] helped start several Hip-Hop/RnB groups and helped pen and produce some of the greatest Hip-Hop/RnB hits including the award-winning and chart-topping hit “Make It Happen” by Rachel.

RV IN© can be seen as a rescue boat in a sea where many artists are fighting to survive. In its short-lifespan, RV IN© has secured its position in the music industry as the most successful and most competitive record label. It also managed to clinch various deals such as the National Road Safety Council’s Jingle Production Contract; RV IN© also managed to do various recordings and productions for a wide pool of artists [Nationally and Internationally], of which many received nominations and awards at the recent Sanlam Namibia Music Awards. 

In the long-run, RV IN© aims to embark on other projects of greater magnitude. These projects will focus on developing and nurturing musical talents. It is also of the opinion that “the core of a society are the young people that constitute such a system of communities” hence having a well-developed/trained youth is a prerequisite for a society to functions as its designed to. These projects will include Voice Training, Sound Engineering, Artist Management and Marketing, and a lot of other disciplines pertaining to the proper functioning of a music industry. In addition, RV IN© is hard at work trying to lay the foundation, for such plans to manifest to their fullest potential. As envisioned in RV IN©’s mission statement, RV IN© “aims to be the best music producer in the SADC region and the ultimate competition for other major Audio-Visual production houses, and to become a prominent player on the international table”. This long-term vision has already started to manifest into reality, with the clinching of international collaborations with major recording artists and possible record distribution deals for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK – The third largest music market [Third only to the USA and Japan, which are first and second respectively]. International collaborations include; a collaboration with Jymini, an American Rapper based in California. Ultimately, RV IN© is overwhelmed at the rate at which its objectives are being met [with robustness] and its also very optimistic that it will reach more milestones this year.

For more info: rvinc@webmail.co.za

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