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It’s MAYDAY on May 1 – Universal Iconz & More


20 April 2004 No Comment

Coming off the back of the success of BLURed, held at the Blue and Red Room at the University Of The Western Cape (UWC) on 20 March 2004, 1 May 2004 is the date set for another crazy hip-hop event hosted by Stick Eight Entertainment. BLURed was another successful event and was also the first Stick Eight Entertainment event where South African hip-hop CD’s were sold. Read more for more details.

Stick Eight Entertainment, who have increased its offering at events by making available a selection of South African hip hop CD’s for purchase, will again be adding more value to the event by having Stick Eight Entertainment merchandise on offer due to an increasing demand. The S8 Merchandise will also be available on the website to order in months to come. The CD prices are currently up on the website at http://www.stickeight.co.za and can also be ordered for delivery by following the instructions on the website.

Stick Eight Entertainment provides itself as a platform for hip hop talent and MAYDAY will be featuring a performance by the B-Boy group Universal Iconz who have have been together for 8 years now. The group achieved 2nd place at the 2-on-2 battles in Johannesburg, have appeared on Craz-e on eTV and have many successful performances behind them. They will also be one of the entries in this year’s Battle Of The Year.

DJ’s for the night will be Dogg, Verdine and Willy and doors open at 8pm. As usual, there will be tight security, patrons are allowed to bring in their own XYZ and the damage will be R20. For more info, email Stick Eight Entertainment at info@stickeight.co.za or visit the website at http://www.stickeight.co.za where you can get news, see photos of past events and see CD prices.

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