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Training for young artists – Cape Town

26 July 2006 No Comment

As an up and coming artist, forging ahead in the arts sector is filled with lots of complexities. As if trying to make a name for yourself is not hard enough already, identifying and finding the resources to keep up with the ever changing demands of the art sector whilst simultaneously conducting yourself in a professional is near impossible or non -existent. Crafting and honing your art has just become an art in its own right. Accessing an audience, sourcing potential funders seeking other artists to merge with, has been placed under one roof. Read on for more info.

The Resource Centre aims to ensure the arts community flourishes in Cape Town and throughout the rest of the Western Cape, through innovative empowerment initiatives, as well as encouraging individual artists or companies. Having successfully mentored many artists and their disciplines the centre invites all existing and potential crafters to an environment filled with information and training required to nurture your art. As an artist it is vital to be computer literate, this will improve your skills in perfecting your portfolio, after all a good cv is an accurate reflection of your skills, work history, and life ambitions. It is also advantageous to learn how to plan events and organize performances, to apply for project subsidies, grants as well as learning how to manage finances and budgets.

As a Resource Centre member the following facilities are available

• 1 hour free access to computers – browse the net / email colleagues or spruce up your portfolio.

• Send and receive faxes.

• Printing documents at an affordable price.

• Access to video archives of shows and projects – library of visual aids.

• Training courses are available at low cost.

The following courses are currently available:

• Marketing – 5th Aug

• How to write and conduct a business plan – 26 August

• Project Management – Date to be announced [Module 1]

• Project Management – Date to announced [Module 2]

• Computer Training – Module 1 Use GUI-based word processor to enhance a document through the use of tables and columns. – 16 August

• Computer Training – Module 2 Use GUI based word processor to format documents –20 Sept

An Orientation and Registration Day will be held on the 29th July at 09:00 am, as an information session, to clarify any questions pertaining to the courses offered.

The centre is currently initiating outreach training programmes to various communities such as Nyanga, Wynberg, Mitchell’s Plain and Langa. We at The Artscape Resource Centre invite you, the artist, to an environment filled with mentorship, guidance, information and passion for the arts. Access to the arts community is waiting for you.

Please feel free to visit or call us. (021) 410 9917 or (021) 410 9800 DF Malan Street, Foreshore Cape Town. www.artscape.co.za

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