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The Poet, iPantsula And The Township


20 October 2006 No Comment

Monday October 30th at the Renaissance Cafe is yet another session of the Poetry Jams. The theme this month is The Poet, iPantsula and The Township. The Poet is influenced by his/her surroundings and no other place has influenced him/her like the iKasi.The jam will start as usual from 6pm till 9pm. We have invited three poets so far, a book launch by Mphuthlane Wa Bofelo (well known in the slam circles all over the country, an activist and an inspiration to many a poet).

His book (Remembrance and Salutations) will be launched on the jam, Zorro is also featured. Junoir on all sorts of instruments will do as per usual.

Monday 30 October
6pm to 9pm
Renaissance Cafe (ground floor John Ross)

“Kill the poet… “

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