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In a sea of hiphop fishes taking a bite of commercial bait.It is good to know that there's still some schools that use intelect in order not getting caught.  For some, staying submerged and avoiding the mainstream might not be viable option. Big Lo however, is one fish who chooses to swim the indie ocean,surviving & gaining respect by lacing beats and kicking concsious raps.  Check out this short Q&A AG staff had with him.

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In the winter of 2005, southern soulster T-Pain burst on the rhythmic scene with his debut Rappa Ternt Sanga and things just ain’t been the same. As a former microphone fiend who was down with the rap pack known as the Nappy Headz, a five-man group who had moderate success with “Robbery” in the early 2000’s, T-Pain was tired of the borders that divides hip-hop and soul, especially since he was excellent at both.

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[11 Nov 2007 | No Comment | ]

In Rap’s beginning, it was born out of a gang truce that was lead by Africa Bambaata and Kool Herk, which started a positive movement on the streets. In that day the first “Street Prophet” I’ve ever seen was Grand Master Melle Mel, who delivered Messages from the Streetz.  Melle Mel Prophecy in that day, thangs that are happening today such as wars, in World War III, "Survival," "Sign Of The Time" and we all know the words of "The Message."
These were some of the greatest of Hip Hop’s History, which Mel did wit the Furious Five. They dealt wit ghetto poverty, crime, drugs, and unfair treatment from government and law enforcement. I met my Rap hero Melle Mel in Las Vegas 2006. Finally I was able to tell him that he is a Street Prophet and should be known as Mr. Rap.
Then came Run. Run is another Street Prophet, one who I prayed for after God saved me, and prayed that God would raise him and use him for God’s Glory.

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[11 Nov 2007 | No Comment | ]
Starting from birth, we have a constant heart beat which reminds us that life should not be taken for granted. On the first day of our lives we have a brain that is constantly gathering numerous thoughts that can not be limited. Ultimately, the heart and brain are essential for survival and well being. One cannot exist without the other. The same factual philosophy has formed a duo that wants to keep Hip Hop's heart from stopping and mind from being 'brain- dead.' The Heart and Brain is a strong breeze of fresh air to the masses that crave what most real Hip Hop fans want…dope beats and dope rhymes.

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[11 Nov 2007 | No Comment | ]
Laws was born in Natal, Brazil. Who moved to Long Island, NY at a very young age. He started rhyming at the age of 14 on corner cyphas. It was about a 3 year period of straight freestyle battling that pretty much molded his patterns and flow that Laws use today. Upon his relocation to Florida, he found himself isolated from the general group of people due to his laughable bias against southerners, etc. Through this isolation, he further developed more skill. The time away from outside influences allowed to birth a style that was all his own.

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CLICK BELOW to download David Banner's new single "9mm (Speaker)" featuring Akon, Snoop Dogg, & Lil Wayne!

New album THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD coming soon!


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[11 Nov 2007 | No Comment | ]

GET MOTIVATED with the latest single from Young Jeezy's rap group USDA, entitled "Corporate Thuggin".

The Atlanta based group consists of Young Jeezy, Slick Pulla & Blood Raw.

USDA "Corporate Thuggin" Audio Links:

Windows media high:

1: http://www6.islanddefjam.com/www2/av_system/go.wax?link=2NUENQH4RN9T2m1V1J3v9209-87500

Windows media low:
2: http://www6.islanddefjam.com/www2/av_system/go.wax?link=4975486v476U041B613ICE90-87501

Real media high:
3: http://www6.islanddefjam.com/www2/av_system/go.rm?link=d5P7Rn8DH75XeQ6595XG9D80-87502

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[11 Nov 2007 | No Comment | ]

J Record's newest sweetheart has just been confirmed to open for John Legend during the month of May!!

Be sure to check out the June issue of VIBE Magazine where they have a "Next" profile feature on Emily King!

EMILY KING supporting John Legend on Tour

5/9 – Knoxville, TN – Tennessee Theatre

5/13 – Houston, TX – Verizon Wireless Theater

5/14 – Dallas, TX – Majestic Theatre

5/16 – Albuquerque, NM – Sandia Casino

5/17 – Phoenix, AZ – Celebrity Theatre

5/19 – Tucson, AZ – Anselmo Valencia Amphitheatre

5/21 – Fresno, CA – William Saroyan Theatre

5/22 – Sacramento, CA – Sacramento Memorial Auditorium

5/23 – San Jose, CA – San Jose Center For The Performing Arts

5/25 – Portland, OR – Keller Auditorium

5/26 – Seattle, WA – Paramount Theatre

5/27 – Vancouver, BC – Centre in Vancouver for the Performing Arts


"East Side Story"

J Records

August 14, 2007






JUKEBOX: http://www.jrecords.com/ecard/emilyking/


"Walk In My Shoes"




"U And I"




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[11 Nov 2007 | No Comment | ]
From the forthcoming B5 Album: "Don't Talk Just Listen" Arriving in stores September 18th!
"Hydraulics" ft Bow Wow
Sample Image